My Favorite Painting Supplies

I am by no means a master painter but I have been helping my mom paint for years and I’ve painted a few rooms in our house now. Since we somewhat recently started painting this house we’ve been collecting tools and supplies to paint with. I thought it would be fun to share what tools and supplies that we’ve found and liked using. Just like with any project I think painting can be so much easier if you can find the tools that work for you.

Here’s the supplies that have been working for me recently:

Favorite Paint Supplies

1. This roller frame is pretty standard I didn’t put much thought into the one I got. I just chose the cheapest one and it seems to be working fine.

2. For the first few rooms I didn’t use the extension pole since there were mostly small tight spaces. Now that I started painting ceilings and open rooms it has been great to have, especially with our 9′ ceilings. I have also found that it’s so much easier for me to get the right amount of pressure using the extension pole even when I may not need the added height.

3. I usually pick up these middle of the road roller covers.

4. The trim and touch up pads are a fairly recent addition to my list. I like them because they can get into corners and tight places but they give a better coverage than a standard brush which I always seem to need a second coat with. They are pretty small though and take longer to do a corner than say a corner pad but they work.

5. I’ve been using a paint edger since we started painting this house but I recently upgraded to this one. Let’s be honest here; I’m a pretty messy painter. I cannot help but get those little wheels covered in paint which makes it useless for edging. Since the rollers on this one tilt back, I can load the paint without making a mess of the edger. I was actually able to edge the ceiling in the sewing room without having to cut a line with a brush, something that I really appreciated.

6. I typically keep at least a few of these small trays on hand. They are great for carrying around while painting with a brush or the touch up pads. The rough slanted edge helps me to get off all the excess paint on the touch up pads without making a mess of the sides of the tray.

7. While painting the guest room I purchased a nicer angled brush. I didn’t get this exact one but I’ve heard it’s pretty good. I like the angled brush for getting in really tight corners and touch ups.

8. I always have at least one inexpensive brush on hand while painting. I use it to wipe off the paint can after I pour out paint and I don’t feel bad about not rinsing it right away since I don’t care if it stays perfect.

9. Let me say this again; I am a messy painter and an impatient one. I don’t like to take my time cutting in trim and molding. I’ve been using the 2″ frog tape and really liking it. I don’t know that it’s way better than blue tape but it’s been working pretty well for me.

10 and 11. I use an inexpensive metal paint tray for loading my roller and paint edger. I always line it with a plastic liner I can just throw away.

12. Okay say it with me this time; I’m a messy painter. I have been buying these inexpensive plastic sheets to cover the floors. After I tape off the floor molding I just stick the sheeting to the under side of the tape. When I’m done I just pull all the tape off and wad up all the plastic. It’s definitely saved my carpet many times and it’s quick to use.

So there it is, the list of some of my favorite painting tools. You can check out the paint page that’s linked in the menu above for more info on the paint I used and what rooms I’ve painted.

What are some of the tools you can’t paint without?

*I am by no means trying to endorse a specific seller of any of these items although I do own many of these items. I really just used the links to find pictures.


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