Painting the Master Bedroom

We’ve been at it again.

In my defense the paint sale is still going on at Miller Paint so I went in and picked up my last sets of paints. To be honest it was 6 gallons of paint but I think I’m done for a while.  With 12 gallons of paint I really took advantage of the sale I guess. 🙂

As per usual we pulled everything out of the room that we could. Since the bed is so big and we didn’t want to take it apart we just left it in the room.

Painting Master Bedroom 1

A few days before we got paint I tested out some swatches on the wall. At first I wanted to find a wall and a ceiling color but I just didn’t like the combo of any of the paints shown below.

Painting Master Bedroom 2

In the end I chose the Thistle Blue, which of course is another Martha Stewart Color (MSL160). I liked that the Myrtle Blossom was lighter but I was afraid that it would be to purple. In the end I went with Thistle Blue since it’s actually the lighter shade of the Darkening Sky color that we used in  the kitchen.

Just like before I had the paint swatch color matched in Miller Paint’s Acro Pure in the eggshell sheen.

Painting Master Bedroom 4

I didn’t take any during shots but here’s the room after the first coat was finished. Don’t you love the crazy plastic covering over the bed?

Painting Master Bedroom 5

While we were in the room painting the cats were being oh so helpful as usual. Thanks guys for getting your hair all over the curtains.

Painting Master Bedroom 3

I bought 2 gallons of paint which actually ended up being just a little less than I would have liked. We weren’t able to do a full two coats which made me a little nervous. When we went to do the touch ups I was afraid that we would end up with streaks in the paint but it turned out pretty good.

Painting Master Bedroom 6

To be honest when I was picking out the color I was pretty skeptical about the color and not having a different ceiling color. I have to admit though I really like it.

Painting Master Bedroom 7

I love the contrast and the way the bed really pops on the blue walls.

Painting Master Bedroom 9

You may have noticed that I even switched out the couch cushions. They aren’t new they are actually just the back side of the other cushions. I do like the green especially with the walls but between those, the curtains and the duvet there’s just a lot going on.

Painting Master Bedroom 8

It’s hard to get a good read on the color since it does change a bit in darkness depending on the lighting.

Painting Master Bedroom 10

Here’s just another view to try and show what the paint color looks like.

Painting Master Bedroom 11

With Chris’ help we were able to go from putting down plastic to everything back in the room in one day. I think that was the fasted we’ve painted a room yet.

Now that the room is painted maybe I’ll work on finishing it up a bit. It really needs something on the walls and a more cohesive look.

Anyone else out there painting there bedroom lately?


3 thoughts on “Painting the Master Bedroom

  1. Shocked that you painted blue. So unlike you. Unbelievable. I really like the fabric on your duvet cover. Really spices it up in a gender neutral way. =)

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