Round Two: Master Bedroom Mood Board

You may have seen recently that I shared my first master bedroom mood board. In that post I actually mentioned that I had already decided to not go with that color theme.

Since then we painted the walls in our room blue.

Master Bedroom 5-13-2013

Now that we’ve painted the room I’ve been thinking about how I can incorporate some of the things we already have in our room as well as a few other things to finish out the room.

Here is what I came up with:

Master Bedroom Mood Board

Of course some of the items are the same as the last mood board. You can find out more about 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 in this post.

Here’s the lowdown on the rest of the items:

8. This is Thistle Blue (MSL160) from Martha Stewart Paint which is the color we recently painted the walls.

9. I feel like there is something missing above our bed. I would love to diy something like this simple and pretty collage. Source.

10. With all the bold patterns I currently have all over the room I feel like I need a  more neutral duvet that I could dress up with colorful pillows. Source.

11. I already have a set of three photos which were hanging in this room before we painted. I’d love to dress them up a little by adding either a diy or finding and open frame to hang around them. Source.

12. I would still like to change up the covers on the mini couch. I was thinking about using this as the accent band around the pillows. Source.

13. This would be the main fabric for the couch cushions since it’s a little more neutral and matches the color them a little better than the current ones. Source.

14. A few weeks ago I picked up some new candles and I’m loving the scents and that they have and the lids to keep them clean. I have been loving this Spring scent and it also happens to be green which matches nicely. Source.

15. To go with the jar candles you can also buy candle holders which seems like a fun way to jazz up the candles and they work with the theme. Source.

16. I couldn’t help but throw in another green candle to go with the black and silver candle holders. Source.

17 and 18. Since the duvet is plain I want to add a few accents pillows in both of these fabrics, as well as more in number 12 to go on both the couch and the bed. Source and Source.

Now I’m ready to go out and find some things to finish out our room. I would be great to finally feel like I’ve finished at least one room in our house.

Anyone else feel like they need to give there bedroom a little design love?


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