Shelving in the Sewing Room

A while back I organized all my sewing notions by putting them in canning jars. Since then they have pretty much just sat in a pile around the sewing room. After I finished the jars I started thinking about a set of shelves that would organize the jars a little better.

Sewing Notions Organization 16

To fix my problem I drew up a little plan to make shelves out of 1×3 boards. Since the 1×3’s were actually a little skinny for the jars I also added little slats on the backs of the shelves so the jars won’t fall off the back.

Sewing Room Jar Shelves 15

A few weekends  back when I was working on a some other projects I cut all the wood pieces down to size.

Sewing Room Jar Shelves 16

From the beginning I intended to put the shelves together using the nail gun. I thought to would be easier to paint everything before assembly so I set out all the pieces to start painting.

Sewing Room Jar Shelves 11

At the same time I also decided to work up a simple TV stand also for my sewing room.

Sewing Room Jar Shelves 14

I cut the tv stand out of a 1×12 board.

Sewing Room Jar Shelves 13

Since I used the kreg jig I assembled the tv stand before I painted.

Sewing Room Jar Shelves 12

Next I started in with the primer. I used the Behr primer first since I already had it on hand and it turned out to be a big mistake. The paint was really clumpy and it dripped all down the side of the wood. I ended up having to sand most of it off then prime again using the Kilz 2 primer.

Sewing Room Jar Shelves 2

That being said here’s all the pieces with the primer on.

Sewing Room Jar Shelves 1

I went back and forth on what color I wanted to paint the shelves. In the end I decided I wanted the shelves to blend into the walls so that the jars would be the focal point, not the shelves. Since I had some Zinc paint left over from painting the sewing room I decided to use that.

Sewing Room Jar Shelves 3

It took two coats to fully cover the wood but they turned out pretty good.

Sewing Room Jar Shelves 4

Once they were all painted then we used the nail gun to attach all the pieces together.

Sewing Room Jar Shelves 5

After it was all assembled I wanted to spray a finish coat for added durability. Since I already had a can of polyurethane in the garage I went with  that. In hindsight I don’t think it’s meant to be used over paint and it ended up living a sticky finish. I finally went out and bought a clear gloss spray paint to finish off the shelves and it seemed to fix the stickiness.

Sewing Room Jar Shelves 6

After more than a week of trying to paint and finish they were finally done.

Sewing Room Jar Shelves 7

Even with the glossy finish the shelves do blend into the wall  pretty well.

Sewing Room Jar Shelves 8

It’s so nice to finally have the jars off the table and displayed so that I can see what’s in each one.

Sewing Room Jar Shelves 9

I think it looks pretty good with the rest of the things that are set up on the sewing tables.

Sewing Room Jar Shelves 10

I also set up the TV stand in the corner. It takes up a little more room than just the tv did but it gets the dvd player out of the way which is nice.

Sewing Room Jar Shelves 17

It’s even tall enough to store the remotes and some dvds under the stand.

Sewing Room Jar Shelves 18

With those few little things checked off the list I’m getting closer to feeling done with this room. Maybe it will be the first room in our house to be “finished”.


2 thoughts on “Shelving in the Sewing Room

  1. Very excited to see the final product after hearing about it for a few weeks! Your jars definitely are cute up there, and it is so organized. How inspiring. =)

  2. This shelf could be used for so many things! We have a huge collection of shot glasses from our travels. A perfect project for them! Thanks for the inspiration!

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