Hold Onto Your Hats Ladies and Gents; We’re Painting Again.

A few weeks ago we painted the master bedroom. The master bathroom seemed like the next progression and one that Chris was anxious to finally get painted. With the vaulted ceilings and so many things to paint around I was a little worried it would take more than two days. So during the long weekend, since it was raining anyway, we decide to paint the bathroom.

The usual chaos commenced as we removed hardware, curtains and taped everything off. I was afraid that it would take forever to do but we were able to pretty much get the room prepped on Friday night.

Painting the Master Bathroom 2

Back when we picked up the paint for the bedroom we also bought two different shades of green for the bathroom. The first color up was Vapor (0407) in a satin sheen from Miller Paint. I know what you’re thinking: Not a Martha Stewart color? Well I’m sad to say that Martha failed me this time. There just wasn’t a good sage green paint color, everything was too bright and minty. A while back I picked up some green swatches at Miller and I was lucky to find one that matched our towels and mats really well.

Painting the Master Bathroom 1

We painted the majority of the walls and all of the ceiling the Vapor colored paint.

Painting the Master Bathroom 5

In the time that it took for me to paint the walls and ceiling in the water closet Chris had most of the rest of the room painted.

Painting the Master Bathroom 6

A few of the walls were left unpainted so they could be painted with the second color after the first dried.

Painting the Master Bathroom 7

It took us most of Saturday to paint just this first coat of the lighter green. We were pretty tired by the time we finished and we decided that we would be done for the day.

Painting the Master Bathroom 8

You may have noticed that there were a few swatches on the unpainted wall. They were actually two colors from the Martha Stewart line. It’s a little hard to tell but in real life the lighter green is really bright and minty. I think that if I had used so much of that lighter green I would have really regretted it.

Painting the Master Bathroom 9

Since we waited for the paint to all dry we got pretty lucky and we were able to see that we didn’t need to touch up much of the paint. After touching up a few spots we moved on to the second color of paint.

Painting the Master Bathroom 11

The second color we used was Green Cast (0409) in the satin sheen also from Miller Paint. Both of these colors were in the same swatch and they are only one color apart.Since there wasn’t as much to paint with the darker color it went pretty fast.

Painting the Master Bathroom 3

Just like with the guest room it’s amazing what the light does to the colors. In the picture below the ceiling looks so much lighter than the walls. When in fact it’s the same color as the wall with the door and the other two walls are the darker shade.

Painting the Master Bathroom 10

Just like the guest room it also ended up being a more subtle contrast in colors.

Painting the Master Bathroom 13

I think it’s a little easier to see the contrast with the colors side by side in the cans.

Painting the Master Bathroom 4

I basically chose to use the darker color only on the walls surrounding the tub and the sink areas.

Painting the Master Bathroom 12

You can see here how the wall blends with the towels but is a little darker.

Painting the Master Bathroom 14

It’s nice to finally have the walls clean and an actual color in the bathroom. I think the darker walls really make the roman shades pop so much more than with the beige.

Painting the Master Bathroom 16

We even painted the inside of the linen closet to match the lighter color of the walls.

Painting the Master Bathroom 17

We bought three gallons of paint to do the whole bathroom and we ended up with more than a have gallon left of both the light and dark green. Unfortunately because we used two different colors we couldn’t have really gotten away with less paint. I guess we’ve got some left over for something else!

Painting the Master Bathroom 18

Although it didn’t really take that much more time than our other painting projects I think this was really our most challenging room to paint yet.

One thought on “Hold Onto Your Hats Ladies and Gents; We’re Painting Again.

  1. Oh…My…Goodness….It’s Green! I was not expecting green. I LOVE IT! I hope some of your risk taking rubs off on me 🙂 I need you to come down and help me create a color pallet for our new house. I know I play it way too safe. You Rock!

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