Sewing Sewing Room Curtains

I’ve been working on a roman shade for my sewing room and lets just say that it hasn’t been going all that well. It’s tedious and super intimidating for me. All this equals a project that has probably taken at least 6 months and is still going. In the mean time I decided to finally get on making the decorative curtains that I wanted for over the window.

Months back I bought an inexpensive white curtain rod from ikea. Last week I finally went into the fabric store and looked for something to make the curtains.

Since I used the curtain rings all I had to do was cut the fabric to size and finish the edges. On the sides I did a double turned 1″ hem and on the bottom and top I did a 3″ hem.

Sewing Room Curtains 1

I wanted something cotton so that it would be lightweight and inexpensive.

Sewing Room Curtains 2

As for the color I really wanted something that would lighten up the room as well as tie in the teal ceiling as well as include some bright pink.

Sewing Room Curtains 3

I’m actually really pleased with the fabric I found. From a distance it just looks like a blur of light colors. I’m glad I didn’t go with a large bold pattern which would have been too overwhelming.

Sewing Room Curtains 4

After just a few hours I had the fabric cut and hanging on the newly installed curtain rod. Now all I need to do is finally get on that roman shade.

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