Organizing the Cleaning Supplies

A few weeks back my cousin Kayla asked me what I did to clean my house. My answer was pretty much that I hardly clean unless I have guests coming of course.

As luck would have it, last month I Heart Organizing’s monthly challenge was about cleaning. I didn’t attempt anything too exciting but I did take the chance to look at what supplies I have and think a little about how I wanted to organize them.

The first thing I did pile up all the supplies that I had all over the house.

Cleaning Supplies 1

After that I started to breakdown what cleaners I wanted/used room by room. I decided that I wanted to build up kits that I could keep in each room. That way when I’m ready to clean everything is close at hand.

Master Bathroom:

Cleaning Supplies 2

I’ve been loving the Mrs Meyers cleaners in the geranium scent. I recently picked up the toilet cleaner so I haven’t tried that out yet. The spray bottle was the counter spray which I recently refilled with the all purpose cleaner. As for the clorox wipes I know that they are not the most “green” or “safe” cleaning products but they are inexpensive and I only use them to clean the outside of the toilet cause toilets are just gross yo. I don’t want keep some grimy sponge around or have to constantly wash rags. As for other tools I like to keep a sponge for the tub and shower as well as a magic eraser for the glass shower door. I find it’s easy to use and works pretty well. The last thing is the bucket. I use that to rise the inside of the shower walls and the tub.

Guest Bathroom:

Cleaning Supplies 3

This was actually a new addition. The guest bathroom is rarely used and previously I just brought cleaners upstairs to use. It’s pretty similar to the master bath kit except the only difference is that I put a toilet cleaner which is some I had left over. After I was done organizing I was left with a bottle of Windex which I also put upstairs.


Cleaning Supplies 4

I don’t use any of these too much but they are nice to have on hand. The spray bottle just has a mixture of vinegar and water that I use to spray on clothes that smell extra funky. The rest are pretty self explanatory.

Miscellaneous Supplies:

Cleaning Supplies 5

This set are the things that I use all over the house so I just decided to keep them in the laundry room as well. These include a glass cleaner, surface scrub and the all purpose cleaner I’m using to refill the spray bottles.


Cleaning Supplies 13

Besides the usual hand, dish soap and dishwasher tablets that I keep under the sink I don’t keep much in the kitchen in the way of cleaning supplies. I do of course keep a bottle of Mrs. Meyers counter spray which is usually on the counter so I remember to use it more often. I also keep the can of pledge which is what I use to clean all the stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. Thus the reason it’s in here.

Everything Else:

Well there was quite a bit left over on the table after that. Most of it rarely, if ever gets used. Some of it is used every once and a while but it’s nice to have when you need. That being said it pretty much all got put into groups which I just put under the laundry room sink.

I don’t even think that febreze works very well. I guess I just get pulled in by the advertisements.

Cleaning Supplies 9

These cleaners I don’t use anymore or I have a replacement for them now, but here they are.

Cleaning Supplies 8

Another one of those if you need it it’s nice to have is carpet cleaners. Not sure why we need 4 different kinds but I guess we do. Especially since we don’t even have a carpet cleaner, maybe one day we will.

Cleaning Supplies 7

This is the last of the rarely used but sometimes nice to have items. I bought the dish soap last year to clean all our windows with. I think we mixed it with water and maybe ammonia and it worked pretty well.

Cleaning Supplies 6

As for storage of some of these items, I put the more frequently used cleaners under the washer. Along with the swiffers which I use to dust with. Yeah I know not very green but I’m a little lazy and if you come over you’ll just be lucky not to have dust everywhere.

Cleaning Supplies 11

So after that overly lengthy post here’s the question: How do you organize you cleaners? Do you like to keep multiples all over the house? Everything in one place? Or do you like to pretend cleaning isn’t necessary until something started growing?

*Here’s the disclaimer if you hadn’t already guessed it:  I’ve never claimed to be a great cleaner or even very good. I try to do what I can and what works for me. So far no one living in my house has died from some unknown disease so I think I’m doing pretty good. I try to take a balanced approach as far as time, money and motivation when it comes to cleaning.


4 thoughts on “Organizing the Cleaning Supplies

  1. The febreeze reminded me of this: I brought you salt so your life never lacks flavor, bread so you never go hungry, and a candle for the bathroom…because, well, you know.

    I have that same Hawaiian scent in our bathroom.

    Miss you!

    • Haha thanks for that little gem. Just need to change it to I got you this febreze for the bathroom. Just cut straight to the point 🙂 Miss you too!

  2. I love that I helped to inspire this post. Also, no one in my house has died of some terrible unknown disease. And my house is freakin old, so I think that it’s working. Ha ha. Glad to know I’m not the only one with excessive cleaning products even though I hate to clean. =)

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