Custom Decor Swatch Book

A little over a month ago I was reading Teal and Lime and I came across a new post about a paint and fabric swatch book. It’s a great solution to keep track of fabric and paint swatches for your home. As you’re out shopping you can compare if what you’re looking at will work with what you already have.

I loved the idea when I first read about it and ever since I have wanted to make one of my own. I knew that it would be a great improvement over the paint chips I had clipped together and shoved in my bag.

On my last trip to Target I finally remembered to pick up a $2 photo album to make one of my own.

Decor Swatch Book 1

Just like Teal and Lime I just couldn’t resist making a new cover for the album. The cover it came with wasn’t bad but I knew I had some paper that could make it even better.

Decor Swatch Book 2

I didn’t want to just start into the swatches so I created a little cover page for the first page.

Decor Swatch Book 3

Then it was on to the swatches. I put in paint swatches of the colors the rooms are painted as well as any of the fabrics I had left over that I could .

Decor Swatch Book 4

For the laundry room I wanted to keep the washer and dryer color in mind so I grabbed a red paint swatch I already had.

Decor Swatch Book 5

Basically each room got a page to begin with. As I add more things I may end up spacing the pages out a bit.

Decor Swatch Book 6

It may not have very many pages so far but I already love it. Not only does it have all my paint swatches but it has fabrics swatches too.

Decor Swatch Book 7

It’s such a simple but useful upgrade! I just want to hold it and look at it all the time.

Does anyone else carry around paint chips with them everywhere they go?

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