Painting the Laundry Room

We’ve got another room painted and checked off the list!

Last weekend we pulled everything we could out of the laundry room and got ready to paint.

Painting Laundry Room 1

I went back and forth on the color before I bought the paint. With the red washer and dryer I was having a hard time deciding what I wanted to do. I saw a number of laundry rooms online that mixed teal and red decor but they always had white machines. I finally saw Killer Bee’s laundry room and I loved it. I thought If her’s could look that great so could mine.

I chose to go with Sunken Pool (MSL126) from Martha Stewart paint matched into Acro Pure again. It’s not quite as bold as Brooke’s teal on Killer Bee but I already knew I loved the color from using it in the pantry and sewing room.

Painting Laundry Room 2

There wasn’t a whole lot of prep work needed in this room since it’s pretty small.

Painting Laundry Room 3

Even with not starting until late in the morning we were able to finish it in one day.

Let me just say that I’m in love! I love teal of course and I think it looks great with the red.

Painting Laundry Room 4

Now that the room is painted I can’t wait to finish what I have in mind for the rest of the room. I’m dying to finally finish up the shelving and storage I want to build for this room.

Now I’m off to go stare at this room again.

Anyone else paint a room as the first step in a process to create a room you know you’ll love?

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