Cedar Planter Boxes

*This is a super late mother’s day post. We weren’t able to go visit our mom’s on mothers day so we were a little late finishing these gifts. Last weekend we finally were able to give these cute cedar planters away. 

Months back Ana White posted plans for a cedar planter box made out of cedar fence boards. You should go check it out. These boxes are super simple and Ana even has a video to show you how to make them.

It really was simple. All I did was cut my fence boards down to size and gave them a really good sanding on one side.

The thing about cedar fence boards is that they are pretty rough. It took a while to sand them smooth but the really look great when you do. It’s well worth the time.

Mother's Day Planter Boxes 1

Then all it took was a small nail gun to assemble all the pieces.

Mother's Day Planter Boxes 2

My boards didn’t always meet perfectly but they were pretty easy to twist into place. They really are forgiving little boxes.

Mother's Day Planter Boxes 3

I started off with just two nails in each side and then came back and added a third in the center just in case.

Mother's Day Planter Boxes 4

After I slipped in the bottom board some of them fell through the bottom of the box. Since I wanted to use them as planter I just tacked the bottom in with a couple more nails. I think it actually works out pretty well since the gaps in the bottom will allow for water to drain out of the boxes.

Mother's Day Planter Boxes 5

It didn’t take too long and I had quite a little stack of boxes all made and ready to go.

Mother's Day Planter Boxes 6

Then all we had to do was add the flowers!

Mother's Day Planter Boxes 7

It was such a simple homemade project and I just love the size of these little planters.

Mother's Day Planter Boxes 8

I think everything looks better when it’s in a cute little cedar box.

Mother's Day Planter Boxes 9

Anyone else do some homemade projects for your mom’s or dad’s this year?


2 thoughts on “Cedar Planter Boxes

  1. Yes – they are adorable. I received 3 of these pots this last weekend when Chris & Kaity came down to help us move. After a long time in the back of the truck, Miss
    Kylie gave them a healthy drink of water and all the plants look happy and healthy again. I love them. I have them sitting on my steps leading up to my front door. Thank You!

  2. Great project. FYI, if you make those boxes again, try a miter angle of 35.26 and a bevel angle of 30 deg. This will give you side angles of 45 deg with respect to the horizontal, assuming four sides. Sides should go around and meet with perfect compound miters. Just like crown molding.

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