The Nest in our Nest

A few months ago we bought something new for our house. It’s the Nest. If you haven’t heard about it it’s basically a fancy digital thermostat that learns and adapts to your schedule.

Since we moved into our house and found out about the Nest, Chris and I have been talking about getting one. We never went for it because we had a thermostat that worked and it just seemed like way too much money for a thermostat. Finally, one night we just decided to go for it.

Of course we were too excited about it to wait to install it in the morning so we started right away. Here’s our old thermostat for reference. It’s pretty basic but it does allow you to set up schedules.

Nest 1

As per the instructions we pulled of the cover off of our current thermostat and took a photo of the wires to help in the installation.

Nest 2

If you do know anything about the Nest you are probably thinking why would you ever pay that much for a thermostat. Well we actually purchased the first generation device on clearance at Lowe’s for a discounted price. Even with the discount it was still pricy so here are a few of the other reasons we bought it:

  • Learns your schedule and adapts as you change it
  • Automatically turns the heat down when it sees you are away regardless of schedule
  • The operating system is continusouly being updated via wifi
  • You can change the temperature on our phones even we not in the house
  • You can monitor how much energy you’re using and when you furnace runs
  • It looks nice

Nest 3

The installation was pretty fast and it didn’t take too long to do the basic settings. Unfortunately since we don’t have any touch up paint we had to use one of the cover plates.

Although the installation was pretty simple it was a little difficult to connect it to our wireless router. This seems to be a pretty common issue and it took Chris a while messing around with the router settings to finally get it to work.

Nest 4

We know it was a little silly to purchase a thermostat when it’s beginning to warm up and we’re using the furnace much less. We purchased it now because we knew if we waited too long we might not be able to get the less expensive first generation. Although after purchasing it there was an upgrade to the operating system that allows for turning on the furnace fan with out the heat. Since we don’t have AC it actually might be nice to move some air around the house this summer. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Come this winter we really do hope to test it out even more. We’re looking forward to being able to turn the heat down after we leave the house when we forget or turn the heat on so the house is warm when we get home.

Nest 5

Overall it’s a little hard to say how much we like this since it’s almost summer. So far it has been pretty good.  I’ll try to remember to check back sometime this winter and give an update on how we are liking it.

Anyone else invest in an upgrade to your thermostat or another seemingly mundane household item?


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