Summertime Bucket List

I love how every season we say to ourselves well once this is over things will settle down a little….and it never seems to. Isn’t it that way for everyone? I’m thinking about this as we a starting to come upon summer here. I’ve got quite a list of things that I want to finish before the weather gets colder and I’m already beginning to wonder what the fall will bring.

Top things I want to finish this summer:

1. Paint Mini Couch Frame: I finally want to paint the couch frame that’s in our master. I talked about doing it last year but never got around to it. I still haven’t decided if I go for brushing on paint since it will be cheaper or use spray paint for the ease of use.

Summer Bucket List 2

2. Build Laundry Shelves: Now that the walls are painted I want to finally build the counter and shelving for this room. I would really appreciate having this room completed and well organized.

Painting Laundry Room 4

3. Paint Guest Bathroom: I’ve got gallon of paint already and I only need one more to paint this room. It’s not a huge priority but it’s one of the last rooms left to paint that we “use” and I have planned on painting in the near future.

Summer Bucket List 3

4. Paint the Baby Dresser: I inherited a baby dresser from my mom that my grandfather built many years ago. I love the look of it but I have been wanting to paint it white and change the knobs. I think it would be the perfect piece to store all my fabric and sewing supplies in for now.

Summer Bucket List 4

5. Build Malm Table for Master: I feel like this is such a simple and inexpensive project that I just need to do it. I have many plans for the master that may not get done any time soon but I think this one could be quick and attainable.

6. Paint China Cabinet: I inherited this china cabinet from my mom as well. She painted it years ago and it just needs a little freshening up and I’ve got a few things to update it.

Summer Bucket List 1

7. Recover Master Bedroom Mini Couch: I’m not in love with the covers I made and unfortunately they are starting to fray apart. It would be nice to finally finish up another thing in the master.

Summer Bucket List 2

8. Paint Dining Table: My little round table is looking just a little bit worn. It would be so nice to clean and freshen these up a bit.

Summer Bucket List 5

9. Paint Dining Chairs: The chairs are inexpensive Ikea chairs that have been a bit scratched up by the cats. They need a little sanding and freshening up as well.

10. Paint the Front Door: I already know the color I want to paint the door all I’ve got to do is find the time to paint it.

Summer Bucket List 6

Mostly on my list is a bunch of painting projects. It so much easier to paint when the weather is warm I guess so that’s why I’d like to get these done.

I know that looking at this list realistically they won’t all get done this summer. This is a lot of things to get done on top of some other big projects we have planned in the yard and of course spending some time riding the motorcycles and just relaxing outside.

What’s your dream project list for this summer?


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