Custom Painted Art

Months back when my mom visited our house we talked about some of the tall empty walls in our house. For some reason I didn’t remember this but my mom and I decided that we needed some large painted art. Fast forward to now and boy did my mom deliver.

She went through a bunch of photos that my dad and I took of a local park with multiple waterfalls many years ago. Then she picked three different photos and painted them onto 24″ x 48″ canvas’.

Canvas Paintings 1

I know I’m probably bias but I think they turned out amazing!

Canvas Paintings 2

I also can’t help but love that these because they are all from photos I took which makes them even more special.

Canvas Paintings 3

My mom painted these specifically to go in our family room on the wall above the tv. We originally considered staggering the photos but ended up deciding to just center them on the wall in a straight line.

Canvas Paintings 4

Chris did most allΒ of the heavy lifting. He used a level and installed two nails in the wall per canvas.

Canvas Paintings 5

At first he hammered in all the nails, hung and leveled all the pictures in the order shown below.

Canvas Paintings 6

After looking at them for a few minutes i thought that I wanted them in a different order. This is when we realized that not all canvas’ are made equal. Apparently when we leveled the nails to the certain canvas’ it didn’t work so well with switching the paintings order.

Canvas Paintings 7

Before we started messing around with the nails we decided to switch the order yet again. This order seemed to work just fine on the nails we already had and we did like this order best. Optical illusions can be so tricky when hanging things on walls.

Canvas Paintings 8

Now the wall finally doesn’t look so blank anymore.

Canvas Paintings 9

See that nicely filled wall from above.

Canvas Paintings 10

But seriously aren’t these amazing?

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