The Roman Shade to End Them All

I may have thought I was crazy for doing the first five roman shades in our house but I really think I hit a new level of crazy with this one. It may very well be the last roman shade I ever sew (at least for a long time).

This project took me months to finish of off and on work. The intimidating size coupled with the tedious work made for a project that I just wasn’t motivated to finish. But this last weekend I finally finished the last steps and got this shade hung!

I wanted to save a little money on this shade so I was trying to use things that I already had. Since I already had some 45″ wide white cotton I used that for the half of the lining. Since my window was wider than 45″ wide I had to piece fabric to make it wide enough.

First I cut down my fabrics to about the right height. I had two strips for each layer.

Sewing Room Roman Shade 1

Then I had to cut one of the strips for each layer down the center lengthwise. Then I just sewed these two half size pieces with the full size piece in the center to make it wide enough.

Sewing Room Roman Shade 3

Once all the layers were pieced together I had to cut down both sides so each later was the right total width.

Sewing Room Roman Shade 4

Here’s a snapshot of what the main fabric looks like. I wanted the shade to be white but a little more interesting than a plain. It’s basically a white on white pattern that it’s obvious from a distance but it does add a little interest.

Sewing Room Roman Shade 2

Really from there on I just follow the steps that I previously did.

This time for the header board I wanted to stain it instead of covering it with fabric like I did before. Sine the window I was putting it in is fully framed in wood I thought it would blend in a little better that way.

Sewing Room Roman Shade 5

Once I had the header stained and the mounting hardware on I marked for the rings.

Sewing Room Roman Shade 6

Another small difference in the header was that I added an extra ring close to the right edge where I planned on having the pull cord come from. In the past we mounted one in the window frame so this was just a little bit of an upgrade.

Sewing Room Roman Shade 7

Just like with the curtains I had a really hard time taking good photos because of the lighting.

Sewing Room Roman Shade 8

Here’s a close up shot of the two fabrics.

Sewing Room Roman Shade 9

It may look a little less than fantastic in pictures but I’m so happy to finally be done.

Sewing Room Roman Shade 10

It’s nice to finally feel like the window is finished out and to have a little more privacy for this room if I ever need or want it.

Sewing Room Roman Shade 11

Seriously, after almost 6 months I’m glad to call this done.

Anyone else tackle a project multiple times over and finally decide that you’d done one too many?

If you want more info I how I have sew my roman shades check out my tutorial part 1 and part 2.

**Update: I’m converting this room into the sewing room but I’m keeping this roman shade, just changing up the curtains. 

4 thoughts on “The Roman Shade to End Them All

  1. I haven’t even finished reading the post, but I wanted to confirm, yes you are crazy. If you don’t believe me, look at your mom. Don’t worry, I’m crazy too, look at my mom.

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