DIY Window Screens

When we moved in to our house we were lucky to have window screens for most of our windows. The only problem was that we were missing three screens and one screen was bent leaving a big gap that those pesky bugs could come through.

Last summer we honestly thought about getting some more but we weren’t really sure where to go. Finally, this spring I found some tutorials online and also found out that you can buy kits to make your own window screens. It seemed like the perfect solution and had to be cheaper than buying pre-made ones.

Chris decided to try and fix the screen with the bent side on it first. Instead of making a entirely new one we just pulled out the spline and replaced the bent side. It didn’t work perfectly but it was much easier than making a new one.

Window Screens 1

For the other three we had to start from the beginning. We bought kits at the hardware store that has all the pieces you need except the screen material and the spline tool.

Window Screens 2

We also picked out a roll of screen material that looked like what we already had at home.

Window Screens 3

We were pretty lucky that the three screens we were missing were all the same size and we already had one to use as a template. We didn’t have to do any calculating we just cut down sides to the same lengths as the one we already had.

Window Screens 4

Chris marked the lengths and then cut the metal extrusions using a small hand saw.

Window Screens 5

Since the saw left a sharp edge he used a file to smooth it off a little.

Window Screens 6

Once all the sides were cut to size we assembled the frame. The kit comes with plastic corner pieces as well as pull tabs and tension springs to hold the screen in the window.

Here’s a shot of the screen we already had with one of the new frames.

Window Screens 10

It’s a little hard to see but there’s a pull tab on the left side and a spring on the right.

Window Screens 11

In an attempt to keep the frame in place we taped down the frame to the floor.

Window Screens 7

Then we laid the screen material on top and taped down two perpendicular sides to keep them in place.

Window Screens 8

We then started pressing the spline into the slot starting on the corner of one of the untaped sides.

Window Screens 9

Then we just worked the spline around the screen and used a utility knife to cut off the excess screen.

It was actually a little hard to get the screen material taught enough but not so taught that it pulled the frame together. Honestly it was frustrating and we didn’t do that great of a job. The frames we made are a little bowed on the long sides but they work ok.

Window Screens 12

I’m just glad that as the weather warms up for our second summer here we will actually be able to open all the windows to cool down the house.

Has anyone else had experience making window screens? Or do you live in a climate that’s so warm you actually have AC?

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