Sewing Room Picture Ledges

I made my first set of picture ledges for the living room and they went so well that I wanted to have a few more in my sewing room. In fact I started making picture ledges for my sewing room so long ago I can’t even remember when I first started.

So, many months ago my first step was to cut the wood to size. This time I think I went with 2′ long ledges. These ledges were made from 2 1×3’s for the back and bottom and 1 1×2′ for the front.

Picture Ledges 1

Then I marked spots were I wanted to drill kreg holes.

Picture Ledges 3

The last time I made these I attached the front and back board with the kreg screws. This time around I only attached the back with screws.

Picture Ledges 17

Here’s the back attached to the bottom with the screws. You can see that the pocket holes are on inside of the shelf.

Picture Ledges 13 S

Since I originally wanted to stain the ledges I chose to use small finish nails to attach the front. I lightly pounded the nails in the front board to line then all up first.

Picture Ledges 12 S

Then I set the board on the ledge and pounded away.

Picture Ledges 10 S

After I was done assembling I filled in the kreg holes with wood filler.

Picture Ledges 9 S

After the wood filler dried I gave everything a good sanding, wiped it all down and stained the ledges using Minwax express.

At the time I made these (months ago) I wanted the ledges to be onyx black so that they would go with the thread holder that I had already made.

Picture Ledges 4 S

I took so long to hang the ledges at this point that I started to change my mind. I had painted the walls in the sewing room and I no longer liked the black shelves against the grey walls. So while I was already painting the TV stand and jar shelves I went ahead and got ready to paint these as well.

Picture Ledges 19

At first I thought I would just go with the same off white paint I had used in other projects but in the end I went Sunken Pool by Martha Stewart. I had some left over from painting the sewing room ceiling and I thought it would be the perfect way to bring the ceiling color into the rest of the room.

Picture Ledges 18

Once the ledges were painted they sat around in the room for weeks. After all why hurry these along at all. Last weekend I finally had Chris help me hang the shelves. We used screws to install them just like the previous ones right into the studs. I came back with a little touch up paint and painted over the screw heads to hide them.

Picture Ledges 20

Then I filled up the shelves with a bunch of things I had hanging around my sewing room.

Picture Ledges 21

I know they are a little overcrowded for now but I’m sure I’ll do some more rearranging. That is the beauty of the picture ledges; you can easily move things around.

Picture Ledges 22

It’s nice to finally have all this stuff up off the floor.

Picture Ledges 23

Anyone else the kind of person that likes to drag out some projects for a long time? It feels like one week I can blast through and complete five projects and then other projects take months to finally get around to finishing.

*These ledges are based on the plan from Ana White. Go check out the $10 ledges.

** Update: This room is being converted into the Nursery but these shelves are staying!

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