Malm Inspired Console Table

Last weekend while we were working on some projects I did another simple project for the master bedroom. I mentioned in my mood board as well as my summer to do list that I wanted to create a Malm inspired console table.

It was a really simple wood project. All it took was one 2×12-8′ board. The only cuts are two lengths of 28.5″ for the legs and the rest can be used for the top.

Malm Console Table 1

From there it was just a couple pocket holes to attach the legs to the top.

Malm Console Table 2

Since I didn’t add any other bracing I was hoping that the pocket hole screws would be enough to hold it all together and keep the table from wobbling back and forth.

Malm Console Table 3

Once it was together it was really sturdy. All that I did was fill the holes with putty and sanded it down as much as I had patience for.

Malm Console Table 4

Then I used a coat of primer as well as three coats of an off white paint to finish it. It didn’t come out with a perfect finish since it was just an inexpensive board but it did work pretty well.

Malm Console Table 5

For about $11 I don’t think I could have gone wrong. Now I have a little space to do some more decorating in the master.

Malm Console Table 6

For now I just “shopped my house” and threw together a few accent pieces. As usual I’m sure I’ll find some better things for this table in the future.

Malm Console Table 7

Oh hey what’s that behind me? I picked up a new duvet cover a few weeks ago from ikea. Little by little this room is starting to come together.

Malm Console Table 8

Has anyone else tried another version of this table or done something similar?

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