Pretty Front Porch: Wreath and Welcome Sign

It’s day 2 of my Pretty Front Porch Makeover week. Check out the process of painting the front door here.

After the door was painted I decided to fix up my yarn wreaths to something a little more fitting for summer. I kept it pretty simple and spent a few dollars on  some reversible card stock papers in bright colors.

Summer Yarn Wreath 1

I picked out three different 3D flowers from the silhouette site and cut them out in different sizes and various colors. If you want to download the shapes they are here, here and here.

Summer Yarn Wreath 2

I know the wreaths aren’t amazing or super creative but I like the bright colors and they were simple to make. I just stacked up the layers of paper and stuck a small pin through them and in to the wreath.

Summer Yarn Wreath 3

With the wreaths done I had one more little thing I wanted to do with the front door. I had seen all over Etsy that you can buy vinyl letters that say welcome to put on your front door. I thought that was such a cute idea and I wanted to do it for my door. I used my silhouette again and cut out letters using the font Impregnable I found online.

Summer Yarn Wreath 4

Then I used the transfer paper to line up were I wanted the sign.

Summer Yarn Wreath 5

Once I had the letters were I wanted them I smoothed them down and pulled off the transfer paper.

Summer Yarn Wreath 6

I think the welcome sign is such a cute addition to the front door and they should be easy to remove if I ever get tired of them.

Summer Yarn Wreath 7

With the sign and the wreath up the front looks a little more complete.

Summer Yarn Wreath 8

Anyone else add some vinyl lettering to their front door?

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