Pretty Front Porch: DIY Painted Tapered Planter Boxes

Whew! It’s day 4 of my pretty porch makeover! Check out the painted front door, yarn wreath, welcome sign and cedar planter boxes.

After building the planter boxes for the front walk we talked about wanting to put two more plants on the porch for either side of the front door. Since I was tired of all the building and sanding from the first three I thought I just wanted to buy something. Of course I couldn’t find anything I liked that was big enough for our plants but wasn’t more than I was willing to spend.

After looking at Ana White’s website again I thought I would be clever and try to come up with something on my own that was a mix of two different plans. One was the tapered cedar boxes and the other was a square planter.

So let’s just skip to the end of the story. This is what I came up with:

Tapered Planter Boxes 22

To start off with here’s the materials I bought for two planter boxes:

2  2×2-8′
5  1×6-8′   (would probably need 3 for one box)
2  1×2-8′   (for cleats and bottom, we used scraps)
Spray Paint
1 1/4″ Pocket Hole Screws
1 1/4″ Exterior Screws
Weed Block

Total: $22 each (Since we had some of it on hand)

Since it’s a tapered box I actually didn’t come up with a standard cut list so I’ll try to explain what I did.

First off I cut a 1×6 down to 13″ on the short side with a 10 degree angle on each side. (Making sure the angled ends were not parallel.)

After I cut the first one I lined the long side up against the bottom of the next board and marked the length as seen below.

Tapered Planter Boxes 1

Then just to make sure I cut the right direction and the right length I drew a line with a 10 degree angle from the mark I made using the speed square.

Tapered Planter Boxes 2

I did this one more time, using the second piece I cut to get a third even large row. You can see the stack of boards below. Since I cut them in sets of threes I numbered them so that I could ensure I kept each set together.

Next I cut a set of four legs for each planter out of the 2×2. Each board is 22″ long with 10 degree angles which are parallel to one another this time.

Tapered Planter Boxes 3

I figured out that cutting the legs such that I would be able to taper all four side like the tapered cedar box would be more work that it was worth. So for each box I cut two sides just out of straight boards. Each board was cut to 16″.

Tapered Planter Boxes 4

Next I assembled the sets of three side pieces together using pocket holes. We also drilled the pocket holes on the sides to use in the assembly of the sides to the legs.

Tapered Planter Boxes 5

Chris came up with the idea of painting the legs white and the boxes blue. Since I’m lazy I wanted to just spray paint the boxes instead of roll on the paint. To prep them we just sanded them a bit to smooth out the surface.

Tapered Planter Boxes 6

We used Rustoleum spray paints in white and wildflower blue. It took only a few coats and we were pleasantly surprised that the grain was still rough enough to be visible. It gives a great texture to the boxes and they don’t look just like a sheet of plywood.

Tapered Planter Boxes 9

While I was spray painting I thought it would be fun to try and make a swatch of the spray paint for my swatch book. Since I know that paint chips have actual paint on them I thought that would be my best choice to use to stand up to the spray paint. I grabbed a swatch I wasn’t using in my pile.

Tapered Planter Boxes 7

Then I just sprayed over the top. I’m pretty happy with how it worked out. Now I know in the future I can do this with other rooms or decor.

Tapered Planter Boxes 8

Once all the pieces were dried we to started to assemble the boxes similar to the cedar planters we built.

Tapered Planter Boxes 10

We used two scrap 1×4’s to hold up the panels so the legs would be flush with the back of the sides. When we did this we also had to make sure the legs were turned such that they would sit flat on the ground.

Tapered Planter Boxes 11

We also measured up from the bottom of the leg 3 1/4″ so that all the legs would be even.

Tapered Planter Boxes 12

We attached all the legs to the tapered sides first and then attached the square sides to those to create a box also just like we did with the cedar planters.

Tapered Planter Boxes 13

Here they are all assembled! The one on the right shows the tapered sides and the one on the left has the square side facing forward.

Tapered Planter Boxes 14

Then on the inside we cut two cleats out of 1×2 to sit on the two tapered sides.

Tapered Planter Boxes 15

Once the cleats were in we cut five slats out of 1×2’s to use as a base. Then we covered the inside of the planter with weed block to hold in all the soil.

Tapered Planter Boxes 16

Last step was to plant our boxwoods! I really do love the way the plants flank the front door.

Tapered Planter Boxes 17

I was really worried that the color would be way to bright and that the white would be too much of a contrast.

Tapered Planter Boxes 18

Once they are up on the shaded deck they weren’t as bright as I first thought. They are really growing on me and I’m starting to like the color more and more.

Tapered Planter Boxes 19

From the front you can really see the tapered look.

Tapered Planter Boxes 20

It’s only when you’re looking straight onto the side do you notice that they aren’t tapered all the way around.

Tapered Planter Boxes 21

I’m glad that we did another diy project. It’s so satisfying to improve your house with your own hands. I would rather build than shop any day.

Tapered Planter Boxes 22

So that’s it; My tapered planter boxes. It’s probably a little hard to follow but they are a great little planter that can easily be scaled to any size you want. All you need to do is change the length of the legs, the straight sides and the length of the bottom tapered board.

Has anyone else been updating their front porch?

4 thoughts on “Pretty Front Porch: DIY Painted Tapered Planter Boxes

  1. Since I’m not a builder, I mostly just looked at the pictures and skimmed the instructions. =) I love these, they are so pretty!!! Good job.

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