Pretty Front Porch: Round Up

I made it through a full week of posting every day! It was pretty fun but here’s the last installment. Nothing too new or exiting here. Just a round up off all the projects we did to the front porch/walkway area.

Planter Boxes 25

First up was painting the front door navy blue.

Painting Front Door 12

Once the door was painted I had to update my yarn wreaths to something new for summer.

Summer Yarn Wreath 9

The last little update to the front door was adding the vinyl welcome sign.

Summer Yarn Wreath 10

A part of the front porch I never really showed you was this alcove.

Painting Front Door 10

Next up we moved off the porch and talked about the three cedar planters we made to go in the front flower bed.

Planter Boxes 24

They took pretty much a full day just to build them but we love how great they look so I think it was worth it.

Planter Boxes 21

I also think the addition of the pretty flowers is a fun pop of color.

Planter Boxes 20

The last update was building and painting some custom tapered planters for next to the front door.

Tapered Planter Boxes 22

I’m loving the way everything looks all together

Tapered Planter Boxes 17

It’s a major upgrade from where we started. Here’s a shot from just before we moved in.

Front Exterior

This is a picture of the front door this fall in all it’s white(ish) glory and that lovely left over carpet triangle. Yep just keepin’ it classy over here.

Yarn Wreath Both Final Close

Lastly here’s a wider shot of the front porch. It was looking a little funky and blah last fall but is much improved now.

Before and After

I think that was pretty good update, at least for one summer. What do you think?

Planter Boxes 25

Who else out there has been fixing up your outdoor entry area?

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