Custom DIY Open Frame

Little by little I have been working on our master bedroom. Over time it’s actually starting to look something like the mood board I created.

We painted the room first and that made a big difference. Then I made the Malm inspired console table and switched up the duvet cover on the bed.

So when we left off the wall in between the bathroom and bedroom door was looking much less blank but it still needed a little something. To fill in this void I wanted to create an open frame to go around some picture frames that we previously hung on this wall.

Malm Console Table 7

First off I set out my frames on the floor to decided how big I wanted to make the open frame. I ended up going with about 3″ of space in between each frame and around all the edges.

Open Picture Frame 1

I picked out a molding that I liked the shape of at the hardware store. This one happened to be a primed MDF molding. I measured everything out and cut the boards to size mitering the ends. Since I have such a hard time getting a perfect miter I had to fudge things a bit. I ended up taping the frame down to the floor to keep it in place and I used wood glue to glue the ends together.

Open Picture Frame 2

Once the glue dried it was surprisingly strong. I used some caulking to fill in any gaps on the front side at the corners of the frame. Then I turned the frame over and screwed in a little L shaped bracket to strengthen the frame. The brackets came with a 5/8″ screw which were actually a little long. I found some 1/2″ screws to use instead and they worked fine.

Open Picture Frame 3

I wanted my new frame to match the frames I already had so I spray painted it a semi-gloss black.

Open Picture Frame 5

The first coat was a little splotchy but a few coats later and the frame looked pretty good.

Open Picture Frame 4

To hang the frame I nailed in two saw picture hangers on the backside of the molding. We then hung the frame on the wall using small nails.

To figure out the placement of the frames we used pieces of paper to  line everything up.

Open Picture Frame 6

It was such an easy project and I think it makes quite a difference to this set of frames as well as this side of the room.

Open Picture Frame 7

I love the way the blue paint is framed and can be seen through the open frame.

Open Picture Frame 8

The frames now fill up the wall nicely and look perfect over the new console table.

Open Picture Frame 9

Is anyone else creating some simple gallery walls in a little different way?

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