It’s Gettin’ Hot In Here: AC Window Frame

At the risk of seeming a little cheap, white trash or just plain tacky I’m going to share this project with you. This was pretty much Chris’ project. He did all the planning and all the work. All I did was lend an occasional hand.

It’s actually starting to warm up around here and those of us that live in the eternal rain have a hard time handling the heat. Of course when I say heat I really mean about 80 degrees. Yeah I know we’re wimps.

That being said we were given a window AC unit and Chris was dying to find a way to put it in our bedroom window. See the problem is that our windows slide horizontally not vertically which would leave a huge open space above the AC unit. Surprisingly, that kind of defeats the purpose of the AC unit when you’re just letting all that hot air in.

Painting Master Bedroom 6

After talking about how I really didn’t a cheap looking piece of plywood covering the window, Chris came up with an alternative. Thus our little fake window was designed and created.

First off Chris used the table saw to cut a slot in some 1×2’s to use for the frame. It turned out that the blade width was pretty close to the width of the plexiglass we bought to use as our window glass.

AC Window Frame 1

Here you can see the slots down the length of the boards.

AC Window Frame 2

Then he cut the boards down to the size he needed.

AC Window Frame 3

Before he started assembling and painting Chris wanted to make sure the plexiglass would fit so he cut that to size next.

We bought the plexiglass at Home Depot but I know Lowes carries it as well as probably other places. While we were picking out our sheet we noticed that there were cutting tools made for plexiglass. Since we thought they pretty much looked like a utility knife we opted to forgo buying a specific little tool.

According to the directions you are supposed to cut about halfway through the glass with the knife then snap off the excess. We found that it really helped to have me holding the ruler down while Chris cut.

AC Window Frame 4

Once it seemed far enough through Chris just snapped the cut edge off.

AC Window Frame 5

After he was happy with how everything fit together he used spray paint to paint the frame pieces. He decided to paint the frame just so that it would blend in with the rest of the window frame better.

AC Window Frame 6

We didn’t chose anything fancy just a white spray paint in a semi-gloss finish.

AC Window Frame 7

Once everything was painted and dried he assembled the frame together with the plexiglass in the middle. To start with he glued all four corners and used clamps to hold it together. Seriously when you have clamps this big I guess you have to find some use for them.

AC Window Frame 8

Once the glue dried he added a few little brackets just to add some strength.

AC Window Frame 9

Then he just slid the AC unit in the window and slid his new window panel in on top. He added a little foam seal around some of the edges just to ensure a little better seal around the window.

AC Window Frame 10

It’s actually surprising how the window seems to fit in. Of course minus the fact that there’s an AC unit and the one window is all the way open. I guess it’s all worth it just so we don’t have to sleep in a overly warm room.

Do you have any projects that you don’t love the look of but you live with just because they are practical?

One thought on “It’s Gettin’ Hot In Here: AC Window Frame

  1. This post was so timely for me! We just purchased a portable air conditioner, but we have jalousie windows, not the best thing for AC. It gets very humid here in Hawai’i, especially with our projector running hot, and our insulating blackout curtains, so we caved and purchased the AC to protect our electronic investments. I haven’t even attempted to figure out a way to resolve our venting issue, but you’ve inspired me with at least one option. πŸ™‚ Thank you!

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