Hook and Label Everything: Laundry Edition

Last weekend I started working on some custom shelving for my laundry room. Unfortunately this last week was crazy. It was a lot of appointment going, errand running and several separate trips to Home Depot.  So that meant I didn’t have time to finish my project. I’m pretty close but some other things took priority this week. While the laundry room is still a hot mess I thought I would share a couple of quick little updates that I made a few weeks ago to the laundry room.

The first thing was cutting some cute vinyl labels for my white bins. I have two bins I keep in the laundry room one’s for really dirty outside clothes and the other is for kitchen towels and cleaning rags. I like to keep both separate and I have been wanting to label the bins but I just hadn’t gotten around to it. I purchased the bins last summer at Target and they are actually beverage buckets.

Laundry Room Labels and Hooks 1

I finally decided to use some red vinyl and cut out labels in the Halo Handletter font. It really was amazing how it quickly made the bins look much more expensive and custom.

Laundry Room Labels and Hooks 2

While I was at it I also labeled this bin that I bought at ikea. It wasn’t really necessary but I think it looks really cute.

Laundry Room Labels and Hooks 3

The other somewhat boring update was adding a couple of hooks. I bought these at Ikea as well. One is to hang a towel from by the sink.

Laundry Room Labels and Hooks 4

The other couple I bought I used to hang some cleaning supplies from. It’s actually nice to have these out of the way and and hidden behind the door.

Laundry Room Labels and Hooks 5

Neither of these things were expensive but they were part of just trying to finally finish out this  room.

Anyone else doing some little organization changes lately?

2 thoughts on “Hook and Label Everything: Laundry Edition

  1. When I first glanced at the photo of the towel hanger, I thought, “Man, they take tooth brushing seriously in the Willcut household.” And then I realized that it was probably painting supplies. Love you and miss you! Nice work…I love the labels!

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