My Monica Closet (or Rooms)

I have a confession to make. Over the past seven months two of our spare room have looked a little bit like Monica’s closet on friends. I’ve been trying to go through some things and organize them a lot better but it’s been slow process, especially since I did a lot of procrastinating.

Before I show you all the fantastic after photos let’s start at the beginning. Do you remember the photo below? No? Well it was just after Thanksgiving when I started getting out all of my decor for Christmas.

Getting out the Boxes

You can sort of tell from this photo that I had a lot of mismatched and unorganized boxes. In a word it was chaos. So, after Christmas was over I was determined to put all my decor away in a much much more organized manner.

Since I didn’t want to waste my time putting everything away the way it was one of our spare rooms just looked like this. . . for months.

Storage Box Organization 2

Eventually I started to organize everything in piles but it didn’t look a whole lot better. To be fair I actually did have a system here. I was trying to determine how many boxes I wanted and what I wanted to put together.

Storage Box Organization 1

Then finally it started looking a little better,

Storage Box Organization 3

I bought a bunch of clear Ikea storage boxes and I made a little progress. Although progress in one room meant I made a mess of another. In the other room I was collecting empty boxes, stuff to recycle and stuff to give away.

Storage Box Organization 4

This room sat like this for a while before we finally took a load to our local dump and recycling center.

Storage Box Organization 6

Back in the other room I was working on filling up all the boxes I got. I even bought wrapping paper to use as filler. Yes I realize I’m starting to edge into totally crazy here.

Storage Box Organization 7

One thing I love about the Samla Ikea boxes is not only that they are clear and stack well but that they fit perfectly inside our closets. The one downside it the lids don’t snap on and the small boxes don’t have any clips you can buy to hold the lids on. Other than that I’m in love.

Storage Box Organization 8

It was amazing how long it took me to even get this far. I think I’m like a lot of people. When I have something I don’t want to do I really put it off. Especially since all of this was in rooms behind closed doors it was so easy to ignore.

Storage Box Organization 5

After multiple trips to Ikea I finally  got a set up I’m pretty happy with. I’m sure you’re going to think that it’s still an overly full closet but I’m pretty proud of all I’ve done.

Storage Box Organization 9

I even went so crazy as to label all the boxes using my silhouette portrait. Now I should be able to easily find what I need and most of all easily get out all the Christmas decor. After all that’s why I started this project.

Storage Box Organization 11

Now look at how empty this room is!

Storage Box Organization 14

Since I still had some empty boxes left over and things to give away I had to stack that all up in the other spare room’s closet. Man it feels like all I did was pull everything out of the closets and then put it all back in. Oh well at least I know that I did something.

Storage Box Organization 13

Now I’ve got another room to use as a guest room that we take put up the air mattress in if we need to.

Storage Box Organization 12

Anyone else doing some crazy organization? Do you feel like you have hardly done anything after it is all said and done too?


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