Laundry Room Striped Mirror & Shelf

I’ve been working on our laundry room. Check out the last post to see the shelving that we installed.

While we were cutting and painting wood for the shelving I started working on a custom mirror to go in the laundry room as well.

Did you know that you can get a mirror custom cut at Lowe’s? Kate from Centsational Girl talks about it in this post and that’s how I found out about it. I bought a 24″x30″ mirror for $12.05 that I had cut into a 16″x16″ mirror. I kept what was left over so maybe I’ll end up using that for something else.

For a backer board I cut some of the 1/2″ MDF plywood we had left over into 28″x24″. After I primed it I did a couple coats of Love in a Mist (MSL#142 ) which I had a tester pot of.

Then I started to tape out a pattern to paint on some more colors. At first I thought I would do a chevron but I quickly realized I was much too lazy for that. I just didn’t have the patience to mess with it this time.

Striped Laundry Mirror 1

So i just switched to a varying width stripe instead. I just randomly taped and painted in the lines. For the stripes I used Lagoon (MSL#125 ), Sunken Pool (MSL#126 ) and Barn (MSL#026) which matches the washer and dryer.

Striped Laundry Mirror 2

It only took two coats for the blue stripes to have good coverage. The red however took four coats and I still don’t think it’s fully opaque. It looks good enough for me though.

Striped Laundry Mirror 3

After the last coat dried I pulled off the tape. Next I taped off where I wanted the mirror and the shelf. The shelf was just a few inches shorter than the back board width and I just painted it with the Love in a Mist. Originally I thought I would paint stripes on it as well but it just seem like it would turn out a little crazy.

Striped Laundry Mirror 4

We used the liquid nails mirror adhesive to attach the mirror to the board. Per the directions I roughed up the painted surface behind the mirror before we adhered it. I don’t think you really had to clamp it down but since it was lying flat we thought why not.

As a side note be careful about the adhesive you chose to mount a mirror. The first adhesive I bought stated specifically not to use on mirrors. Luckily Chris noticed it before we used it. We later found out that some chemicals in adhesives can actually eat away at the mirror coating. That would have been really disappointing.

Striped Laundry Mirror 5

I waited 24 hours before I pulled off the magazines. Then before we attached the shelf we turned the board over and attached two hooks and some hanging wire to hang the mirror from.

Striped Laundry Mirror 6

After that we just turned it back over and screwed the shelf in place using pocket hole screws.

Striped Laundry Mirror 7

I was lucky this time and we were able to locate two studs behind where I wanted to hang the mirror. We just screwed in two screws, one on each stud and hung the wire over them.

Striped Laundry Mirror 8

I’m glad Chris asked if I was put a mirror above the sink. It has already come in handy to see the paint I needed to wash off my face.

Striped Laundry Mirror 9

I’m also glad I cam up with a way to count a shelf above the sink as well. It’s the perfect size to set mason jars that I can put my paint brushes in to dry after I clean them in the sink.

Striped Laundry Mirror 10

I love how the colors on the mirror look with the wall. I thought it was a fun, simple project that is a perfect addition for this room.

Next up is adding some decor to those bare walls and shelves! Check that out here.

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