Laundry Room Decals

So far in the laundry room saga we have painted, installed shelving, made a mirror and decorated.

To finally finish up the last part of the laundry room I decided to add some custom vinyl decor. I had one wall still with nothing on it but due to the size of the room I didn’t want to put anything on it that would feel like it was sticking out into the room. Vinyl stickers seemed like a good solution.

After doing some searching online I came across two different ideas. One was a cute laundry room sign and the other was bubbles.

First up I created a little sign using the silhouette design software. I cut out a frame I purchased from the silhouette online store. Then I cut a title and block of words from white and red. I love the font I used for the red but it was so curvy and small that it was really hard to pull off the extra vinyl. I also had a bunch of dots in between the words but all of those came off. Oh well close enough.

Laundry Vinyl Decor 1

I then attempted to layer them on the transfer paper. Unfortunately I didn’t do a very good job so everything was a little off.

Laundry Vinyl Decor 2

So instead of relying on on my lining thing up on the transfer paper I ended up adhering each layer separately.

Laundry Vinyl Decor 3

The nice thing about the transfer paper though is that you can move the vinyl around before choosing the final spot. As you can see I put up the red lettering first. I did loose a few letters along the way that I had to move by hand.

Laundry Vinyl Decor 4

It took some time to get all the pieces smooth and placed where I wanted them but it did work out ok.

Laundry Vinyl Decor 5

When you step back you can see that the sign is centered between the washer and dryer.

Laundry Vinyl Decor 6

To fill up the rest of this empty wall a little more I purchased a set of bubbles from the online store again and cut out about an 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet of solid bubbles to put on the wall.

Laundry Vinyl Decor 7

I randomly placed them on the wall in a diagonal starting from about the middle of the door when it’s open.

Laundry Vinyl Decor 8

I also made some non-solid versions and randomly placed those among the others.

Laundry Vinyl Decor 9

I think the bubbles may be the best part of the room. I love the way they turned out. I also love that the bubble are the first thing you can see coming around the corner and into this room.

Laundry Vinyl Decor 10

I know that I jumped on the wall vinyl train a little late in the game and it may already be going out of style but I love the way this wall turned out. It’s more than just a quote it ended up being almost wall art.

So what do you think about wall vinyl? Is it still in style or is it making it’s way out?

4 thoughts on “Laundry Room Decals

  1. I was skeptical when you started sticking giant stickers on the wall…..but it is cute and fun. Obviously you don’t take laundry too seriously! =)

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