Laundry Room Recap (Budget Breakdown)

If you’ve been by the blog in the last couple of weeks you probably noticed that we’ve been fixing up our laundry room. After many nights and a couple weekends worth of work this is really the first room that I would call “complete”.

Laundry Room 3 8-2013

Since I always enjoy reading posts from other bloggers on what the final cost of their project was I thought I would share my source list and price breakdown as well. So here’s the low down.

Back before we started any building or decorating we painted the room.

Laundry Room

I used a full gallon of satin paint in Martha Stewart’s Love in a Mist (MSL#142). I purchased the paint from Miller Paint and it cost about $40.

After the painting was done Chris helped me hang a broom and mop behind the door. I bought two sets of Baren hooks from Ikea for hang things from. We also installed one of the four hooks next the sink for our new grey Frajen Hand Towel also from Ikea. Together the hooks and towel were $18.

Laundry Room Labels and Hooks 5

Laundry Room Labels and Hooks 4

The last little update before we started the larger projects was labeling a few buckets to make them organized and pretty. The two buckets for laundry are actually beverage buckets that I bought from Target last summer. The other can which is for kitty food is the Knodd bin from ikea and it was $15.

Laundry Room Labels and Hooks 2

Laundry Room Labels and Hooks 3

The room sat like this for a number of weeks until we decided (I convinced Chris to help me) to tackle the biggest part of the make over which was building shelving to go around and between the washer and dryer.

Laundry Room Decor 13

We used three sheets of 1/2″ MDF to build all the shelving you can see as well as the sliding drawers. The plywood cost about $90 total.

For the sliding drawers I purchased two sets of bottom mount 24″ drawer slides. They cost about $16 for both sets.

Laundry Room Roundup 4

We also installed a decorative shelf above the main shelf. I bought five sets of the Ekby Mans brackets from Ikea for a total of $15. I then used a metallic silver spray paint to paint them all glitzy and glittery. I used two cans of paint which was about $11.

Laundry Room Shelving 10

To finish off the shelving and to give it a more polished look we also added some small curvy molding. We ended up using close to six 8′ sticks of the molding which cost us about $30 from Home Depot.

Laundry Room Decor 12

While we were working on the shelving I also started to make a diy mirror with a shelf. I used some of the left over MDF plywood from the shelving for the back of the mirror. I already had most of the paint which came from tester posts. The only color I didn’t have was the red which cost $3 for another little tester pot. I had the mirror cut down to 16″ x 16″ and the whole thing cost $12. To attach the mirror to the board we bought a tube of liquid nails mirror adhesive which was about $5. As for the hardware to hang the mirror on the wall that cost about $8. The mason jars on the shelf I bought at a local hardware store for $3 for the two.

Laundry Room Roundup 2

Once I had most of the building done I started decorating the room. First I bought five Virserum frames from Ikea for $15 and filled them with some picture cards I already had.

Laundry Room Decor 8

I also bought some glass jars at Hobby Lobby for $5.50 and some artificial flowers to put in them for $4.

Laundry Room Decor 10

While at Ikea last time I picked up three metal pots for $3.50 and various artificial plants for $13 total to decorate the shelf.

Laundry Room Decor 11

Some of the last decorations for the shelf included a candle and tray I already had along with a hand painted board from my mom.

While at Target a while back I picked up the little rope basket for $7 on clearance because I fell in love with the color and feel and I couldn’t resist it.

Laundry Room Decor 5

To finish up the room I cut out some vinyl decor using my Silhouette Portrait and some vinyl that I already had.

Laundry Vinyl Decor 9

Whew! I think that was everything. So here’s the summary of all the costs:

Paint: $40
Hooks: Baren $10
Hand Towels: Frajen Hand Towel $8
Beverage Buckets (Target): Already Had
Kitty Food Bin (Knodd): $15
Wood: $90
Drawer Slides: $16
Brackets: Ekby Mans $15
Spray Paint: $11
Molding: $30
Red Paint: $3
Mirror: $12
Mirror Hardware: $8
Mirror Adhesive: $5
Mason Jars: $3
Frames: Virserum $15
Glass Jars: (Hobby Lobby) $5.50
Pots (Socker): $3.50
Artificial Plants (Fejka): $13
Rope Basket: $7

I didn’t account for some of the hardware and paint supplies since we already had them on hand. Even though I know of course they did cost money at sometime.

The Total came to $310. So I know it’s a lot for one little room and I know that I could have found things that cost a lot less but it would have just taken more time which I’m sorry to say I just didn’t want to spend. All in all I’m pretty proud of how it turned out. Did I already say that I’m so happy to finally have a room finished!?!

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the laundry saga posts to find out more information. Check out the painting, hanging hooks and making labels, building shelving, building the mirror, decorating and adding vinyl decor.

5 thoughts on “Laundry Room Recap (Budget Breakdown)

  1. I am amazed at your creativity and the and your craftsmanship is professional. I hope we can came and see it soon.
    Grandpa Kimball

  2. If we ever buy a house, you are welcome to come help me try to build things. =) On my own, I’m a pretty big disaster.

    On an unrelated note, you should update the photo in your blog header. Your front area is much prettier now, so show it off! Plus I love the blue door.

  3. So fabulous! My laundry room is the most depressing place in my house because my washer/dryer share the space with the water heater and furnace. Love, love, love the wall color you chose and that mirror defines happiness! Thanks for the inspiration!

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