The Deck: Landscaping Fabric & Gravel

Once the post bases were set we wanted to take the opportunity to put down weed barrier while it was easy to do and we didn’t have to crawl around under a deck. We honestly don’t know if we really need to but it seemed worth the little bit of extra cost now to do it rather than have a problem later when it’s much harder to fix.

We purchased a roll of weed barrier that was 4′ x 220′ which was just enough to cover the area under the future deck twice over.

Starting perpendicular to the house we rolled out the barrier in strips, overlapping slightly and then cutting it off with a utility knife.

Landscape Fabric & Gravel 1

Then we went back and cut a slit over the post bases so that the barrier could be slipped over and under them.

Landscape Fabric & Gravel 2

Landscape Fabric & Gravel 3

After we covered the ground once we came back now going parallel to the house and laid out strips of fabric.

Landscape Fabric & Gravel 4

We did really know if two layers was any more helpful but we had enough so we figured why not do it while we can.

Landscape Fabric & Gravel 5

We’re actually pretty lucky to have a gravel yard only about ten minutes away from our house. So once the fabric was down Chris drove to get several loads of gravel to cover the fabric and create even better drainage.

Landscape Fabric & Gravel 6

This is what it looked like with one load which was about 3/4 of a ton.

Landscape Fabric & Gravel 7

Chris drove back and got three more loads of gravel and continued to spreed it out. In all it was a little over three tons. It didn’t end up being a really thick layer but it did pretty much cover everywhere we had laid the fabric. (Update: Chris informed me it was actually 4 more loads of gravel so it ended up being over 3 1/2 tons of gravel)

Landscape Fabric & Gravel 8

With all that prep work done we can finally move on to the actual deck building. Spoiler: we had a little bit of a set back and some serious disappointment. More on that next time. (Update: Read about the ups and downs of installing the posts and beams.)

Up until now we have explained how we designed the deck. How we got our permitprepped the ground, and dug our footing holes. After the holes were dug we then filled them up with concrete and set post bases.

5 thoughts on “The Deck: Landscaping Fabric & Gravel

  1. You are exhausting me with this deck building and I am not even the one doing the work. So nervous to hear about your setback. And kinda stressed out for you. Don’t make us wait too long!

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