Painting the Guest Bathroom

While we are working hard on the deck trying to get the next step completed I thought I would finally share another project I’ve been working on little by little.

Every time I think about painting walls I just can’t help but think of this clip:

Now that I have that out of the way.  I’ve painted yet another room and this might even be my last (at least for a while).

More than a month ago now while Chris was outside working in the yard I was upstairs sweating like crazy painting our guest bathroom.

As usual I taped and covered what I could with protective plastic.

Painting Guest Bathroom 1

I got all my tools out and got ready to paint starting with the shower half of the room.

Painting Guest Bathroom 2

The last time I got paint (during a sale) I bought a gallon of Love in a Mist (MSL142) color matched with a satin Acro Pure paint. I originally bought it thinking I might paint the ceiling of the laundry room with it and I could use the leftovers in the guest bathroom. While painting the laundry room I decided to paint it all Sunken Pool (MSL126) instead. That left me with a full gallon of love in a mist to use in the guest bath.

Painting Guest Bathroom 3

I did a full two coats of paint on the walls and the ceiling of the shower area.

Painting Guest Bathroom 4

One of the reasons I wanted to paint this room Love in a Mist was to brighten it up. When I used this shower a while ago I noticed how dark it was and I wanted to lighten it as much as I could.

It’s amazing how blue the paint looks in these photos. It’s a lot more white in person and in other areas of the house as well. (You can see another view of this paint in the guest bedroom closet.)

Painting Guest Bathroom 5

To tie both the sink area and the shower area together I painted the ceiling of the sink area Love in the Mist as well. I was able to finish all this painting pretty much in one day.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the paint I wanted for the walls in the sink area so I had to wait for the next weekend to finish that.

Painting Guest Bathroom 6

The next weekend I came back with a gallon of Sunken Pool (MSL126) also in the satin sheen.

Painting Guest Bathroom 7

I painted two full coats to get the coverage on the walls I was looking for.

Painting Guest Bathroom 8

Since the room is so small it was pretty fast to paint. I ended up standing on the counter to paint around the mirror and let me tell you those lights get really hot. Not a great combination on a warm day on a second story.

Painting Guest Bathroom 9

I love the way the two colors look together and how much they brighten up the small space.

Painting Guest Bathroom 10

Both areas looked a lot better once I pulled all the tape off the walls and tossed the plastic.

Painting Guest Bathroom 11

Painting Guest Bathroom 12

I also like the way the hardware contrasts the walls now.

Painting Guest Bathroom 13

I think the ceiling and the walls are a nice contrast as well.

Painting Guest Bathroom 14

As you can tell from other rooms in our house I really like these colors. I’m hoping when I’m done this can be a room that isn’t too juvenile or mature feeling either.

Painting Guest Bathroom 15

I’m glad I was able to find the time to paint this room. Since then I haven’t really done much else. I’m still working on a few other updates now that the painting is done so stay tuned for that. Hopefully in the next month or so I’ll be able to at least put this room back together so that it ca a least be usable for guests.

Have you painted a bathroom or small room to make it seem lighter as well?

2 thoughts on “Painting the Guest Bathroom

  1. From now on when you describe me, I expect you to use the term “multi-faceted abnormal”. ha ha ha. Love the updated bathroom. I will come use it myself and give you my feedback. =)

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