From Window Curtain to Shower Curtain

It’s been four days since we’ve been to a hardware store or had to pick up anything for the deck and I have to admit it’s been kind of nice. Although the wind and rain that’s stopping us for finally finishing this deck isn’t quite as nice nice. 

So while we are taking a little break I thought I would share some small progress I’ve made in the guest bathroom.

Remember back here where I came up with a mood board for the guest bathroom? Well you may already know that I painted and used both of the colors I have shown below.

Guest Bathroom Mood Board

The next thing on my list was to update the shower curtain to something like the one shown above from Ikea. It’s actually a window curtain but I like the pattern and colors so I decided to convert it into a shower curtain. The Eivor curtains actually come in a set of two. Each curtain is 56 inches wide which isn’t quite wide enough for a shower.

The first thing I did was rip out the tab top from the left side of one curtain and the right side of the other. That way I could open the top of both curtains and sew them together. Since I’m a little lazy and they already had a finished edge I just pinned the two curtains right side together and sewed down the length of the curtains close to the seams.

Guest Bathroom Shower Curtain 1

After I had the two curtains sewn together I folded over the top of the curtain again and even sewed one of the tabs back into the center of the two curtains. Honestly, in the end I could have down without reattaching the tab. At the time I thought I might try to actually just hang the curtain over the shower rod using the tab tops. This didn’t look very nice and didn’t move very easily especially with a plastic curtain liner hanging behind it so I decided to do something else.

Guest Bathroom Shower Curtain 2

Instead, with everything back together and pressed nicely I put twelve pins evenly spaced along the top of the curatin to sew button holes for a curtain hook to go through. After I figured out what size to make the button holes it actually went pretty fast. Especially with the button hole machine that I have for my Singer Slant needle sewing machine.  All I had to do is set it up and press down the presser foot until the machine sewed along the button hole twice and I get a really nice looking button hole.

Guest Bathroom Shower Curtain 3

With the curtain ready to hang I installed a new shower curtain rod to hang it from. I purchased a new curved tension curtain rod from Target. I’m hoping that the curved rod will not only give a little more room in the shower but also let in a little more light as well.

Guest Bathroom Shower Curtain 4

Since it is a tension rod it was pretty easy to install and I was even able to do it by myself. It didn’t require any hardware installed in the wall. All I had to do was stretch it out against the walls and then screw down the two set screws. Once those were tightened I just twisted the end of the rod nearest the set screws and it tightened the rod against the wall even further. It was pretty easy and seemed pretty fool proof.

Guest Bathroom Shower Curtain 5

Now that I had the rod installed I hung up the shower curtain with the hooks I bought to go with the rod. Most shower curtains are around 70 inches wide and with the two curtains sewed together mine was closer to 110 inches. Since my curtain is extra wide it sagged awkwardly at the top with only the twelve hooks spaced out. I figured that a second set of curtain rings would probably be enough to fix the sagging. I took down the shower curtain and actually added eleven more buttonholes; one in between each of the ones I already had.

Guest Bathroom Shower Curtain 6

After I finally got the top of the curtain all figured out I went ahead and marked where I wanted the hem of the curtain to fall. I know from experience, even with purchased curtains, that they aren’t always straight especially in context of the curtain rod and flooring you have. I find that if you want a straight looking hem it’s best to just mark along the width of the curtain while it’s hanging in place.

Guest Bathroom Shower Curtain 7

Once I took the curtain down again I marked about 2 1/2″ below the line I pinned to allow me to turn the hem a couple times before sewing it down. Then I cut off the excess curtain length.

Guest Bathroom Shower Curtain 8

After that all I had to do was turn it up twice, sew it close to the top of the hem and iron it well.

Guest Bathroom Shower Curtain 9

It was amazing how much better the curtain looked just by adding the extra rings and hemming it to the right length. It’s actually started to look like it belongs as a shower curtain.

Guest Bathroom Shower Curtain 10

At this point I still hadn’t purchased a second set of curtain rings. I was actually just using another similar set that we already had. It was while I was messing with the curtain here that I realized that the curtain hooks I purchased didn’t really work with the curtain rod very well. There is something about the curved shape of the hooks that makes it so they actually get caught around the set screws and it’s very hard to open the curtain all the way.

Guest Bathroom Shower Curtain 11

Instead I returned the new set of hooks I purchased and replaced them with two sets of simple round rings.

Guest Bathroom Shower Curtain 12

I have to admit that even after I replaced the rings I felt like the curtain still wasn’t hanging right. Of course since this is a fabric curtain I had to add a plastic liner to make it waterproof. Once I did that it was amazing how it actually made the curtain look a lot better. Since the plastic liner is only hooked on every other ring it actually helps to gather the curtain and it lays more evenly now.

Guest Bathroom Shower Curtain 13

It took me much longer than it should have to finish but I’m happy to finally have the curtain figured out and hung up. I love the fabric and the extra fullness it has since it is quite a bit wider than a standard shower curtain.

Has anyone else turned window curtains into a  shower curtain?

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