DIY Canvas Photos: Master Bathroom Edition

Many months back I attempted to create my very first diy canvas photo from a standard canvas and a regular photo. Lately I’ve been thinking about some rooms in our house that could use a little decor love. I thought some custom photo canvases might work perfectly.

The first room I decided to make some canvases for was our master bathroom. When they were on sale I picked up four 8×8 canvases from a local craft store. I can’t remember exactly what I paid but I know I spent less than twenty dollars on all four.

To make the photo canvases I started by painting the edges of the canvases. Since the photo won’t cover the edge I think it looks nicer to paint them instead of leaving them white. The last time I made a canvas photo I painted the edges black since I knew it would look good with the photo. This time around I planned on hanging the pictures against the lighter green paint in our bathroom and I thought black would be a really harsh against it. So, instead I pulled out some left over wall paint that I used in the bathroom.

Master Bath Canvas Photos 1

Even though I had four 8×8 photos printed they where a little larger than the face of the canvases. To keep the photos from hanging over the edges of the canvas I trimmed a small amount off of all four sides.

Master Bath Canvas Photos 2

Then I covered the top of the canvas with a layer of matte mod podge.

Master Bath Canvas Photos 3

Before the mod podge dried I carefully centered the picture on top and then covered the top of the picture and the sides of the canvas with more mod podge. It was really that simple. They didn’t turn out perfectly but they are definitely less expensive than a canvas wrapped photo and they do look pretty nice.

Master Bath Canvas Photos 4

After they were fully dried all I had to do was hammer some nails on the walls and hang them up.

Master Bath Canvas Photos 5

The photos I chose are all from our honeymoon in Mexico. I love that I finally found a place to hang a couple of these up.

Master Bath Canvas Photos 6

I know that our bathroom isn’t really “tropical” themed but I think that the colors in the photos look great with the paint colors.

Master Bath Canvas Photos 7

Now if I could just figure out how to take a better photo of this room. The pictures make the green walls look really crazy almost lime green. In the post about painting the bathroom the paint looks a lot more sage green and true to life.

Has anyone else made some diy canvas photos?


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