Painting Birds on Some Wires

Lets head back to our guest bathroom. Had you forgotten I’ve been working on it? I wouldn’t be offended if you have. It’s been a while since I’ve talked about it or even worked on it for that matter.

After I finished the shower curtain I wanted to make some art for the bathroom. The shower area doesn’t have a lot of wall space but I still thought it would be nice to have at least a little decor on them.

Since I’ve appearantly been into canvas’ lately I bought four square canvases in two sizes to make a little mini canvas wall. I already had a lot of test pots that matched the guest bathroom paint colors I started out by painting a base color of sunken pool (MSL 126).

Birds on a Wire Canvas 1

After that dried I taped of some thin lines slanted in various directions. For these I used Love in a Mist (MSL 142), Lagoon (MSL 125), Magnetite (MSL 278) and Driftwood Grey (MSL 265). The last three colors I didn’t use in the bathroom but I already had them and they matched the color palette I was going for.

Birds on a Wire Canvas 2

It took a couple of coats but once those were dry I pulled off the tape. I wanted to paint birds on the “wires” so I cut out some bird shapes using my Silhouette Portrait.

Birds on a Wire Canvas 3

I used a regular card stock to make the stencils. My first thought was that I would just use them like a regular stencil and paint inside them. This didn’t work well since the paper stuck to the canvas and the paint bled underneath. You can see the bird on the left hand side where I tried to rub off the paint before it dried. Obviously that didn’t work to well.

Birds on a Wire Canvas 4

Instead I ended up using the cut outs to draw an outline in pencil. Then I used a small paint brush to fill in the bird shapes. It was more time consuming but the shapes turned out really well this way.

Birds on a Wire Canvas 5

After about two coats of paint on each bird they turned out like this.

Birds on a Wire Canvas 6

To hang them I just pounded small wire nails in the wall.

Birds on a Wire Canvas 7

I love how the colors go well with the rest of the bathroom so far.

Birds on a Wire Canvas 8

I think the birds are simple, cute and go well with the shower curtain as well.

Birds on a Wire Canvas 9

These ended up being a simple little art project that I think looks great in the bathroom.

Birds on a Wire Canvas 10

Has anyone else become obsessed with canvases lately like I have?

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