DIY Canvas Photos: Powder Room Edition

Continuing the canvas in the bathrooms theme I made some photo canvas’ for the powder room. Since we painted this room I haven’t really done anything else in here. I think it’s an oddly over sized space for a half bath and I just haven’t spent any time on it.

Power Room

A while back I got to thinking about all the photos Chris and I have taken on hikes. I thought that the dark water and forest greens would look great against the deep blue green paint on the walls.

Just like with the master bath canvas’ I started by painting the edges of five canvas’. This time around I chose to go with a larger 12×12 canvas since I thought they would fill up the space better. Also since the walls and photos  are dark I went with the black paint instead of the lighter color I did last time.

Powder Room Canvas Photos 1

I had a selection of photos printed and chose five that I like the best. Then I just trimmed them a bit and used mod podge to glue them down.

Powder Room Canvas Photos 2

I chose to hang one right about the toilet which is pretty much the first thing you can see through the doorway.

Powder Room Canvas Photos 3

The other four I hung in the corner almost behind the door.

Powder Room Canvas Photos 4

I just love how the colors of the photos look against the walls.

Powder Room Canvas Photos 5

Now I feel like this room is just a little step closer to not being a weird, boring little box.

Powder Room Canvas Photos 6

3 thoughts on “DIY Canvas Photos: Powder Room Edition

  1. This is such a good idea! I just moved into a new place and have been looking for ways to decorate inexpensively. I think I’m going to try this later, I wonder if it would look cool with tea-washed dictionary pages? A little something vintage-y to warm up my room. Thanks for the idea!

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