Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath

It’s officially feeling like fall in our neck of the woods. Actually I think it feels like we’re blowing right past fall and are staring winter in the face.

Back at the beginning of October I updated my yarn wreaths for fall. This year I wanted to do something a little different than what I had last year.

To start with I found a handful of colored card stock in various fall colors. The I cut out a stack of leaves with my silhouette portrait.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 1

I started working at the bottom center overlapping leaves and pinning them down.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 2

Then I continued working around the sides of the wreath with all the leaves still pointing up.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 3

I stopped once I was pretty close to the top leaving an empty space for the next part.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 4

Once I had my first wreath done I filled the second wreath with the remaining leaves.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 5

To fill in the gap on the top I made a bow out of burlap. I cut small strips of burlap for bow loops as well as tails. I started first with the tails of the bow. I pinched the burlap at the top and pinned it in place.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 6

I did the same with the second tail. Then I folded the next piece of burlap in a loop, pinched the end and pinned it in place.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 7

From there I made a loop opposite to the first one.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 8

Then I continued working in a cross pattern to make loops on the bow.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 9

Finally to fill in the bow I added two more loops in between the others.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 10

To finish off the bow I made a small loop and pinned that in the center to cover all the raw edges of the loops.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 11

After that was done all I did was replace the old grey ribbon with strip of burlap and hung them back up on the front door.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 12

It was a fairly simple project and I love the way they turned out.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 14

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 15

I know that it’s more work to reuse the same foam wreaths over and over but I enjoy changing them up and coming up with new ways to use the same base. It’s also nice not needing to store multiple wreaths.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 13

Anyone else put up some fall wreaths on your front door?

You can see my previous yarn wreaths here.

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