Fall Burlap Applique Pillow Cases

I really enjoy decorating for fall. Last fall I made some envelope pillow cases which were still on the pillows in my living room. Even though I made them for fall they are pretty neutral colors so they work for all year round.

When fall came around this year I could have just continued to use what I had but I really wanted something different and even a little more fall looking.

So I went to the fabric store and picked our some cotton fabrics and some burlap.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 1

To start with I cut out pieces of burlap to cover the four largest pillows I have which are about 20″ and 16″ square.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 2

To give them a more fall look I wanted to add leaves and pumpkin shapes to the pillowcases. To test out sizes and shapes I used my silhouette portrait to cut paper samples.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 3

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 4

Once I decided which shapes I wanted to used and how big to make them I I figured out which fabrics I wanted to use. Since I was using my silhouette I had to prep the fabrics before I could cut them.  To prep the fabric I ironed on a square of double sides fusible interfacing to the wrong side.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 5

Then I peeled off the paper backing and stuck the fabric onto the cutting mat. With the interfacing on the fabric it holds really well onto the sticky mat.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 6

I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to cut out the curvy shapes with the silhouette.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 7

After I cut out all the shapes I placed them on the burlap and moved them around until I liked their placement.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 8

Since the fabrics already had fusible interfacing all I had to do was iron the shapes to the burlap.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 9

Before I started I knew I wasn’t intending to wash these cases very often. I understand that burlap doesn’t really wash well or easily.  Although I didn’t need to finish the edges since they were glued down the just looked a little unfinished.  At first I attempted a satin stitch on a sample cut out but it didn’t work well with all the curves and corners. Instead I just went with a straight stitch in a matching color close to the edges.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 10

After the fronts of the burlap pillows were done I just assembled them like any other envelope pillow. I did use my serger in an attempt to keep the seams and edges from raveling.

With the burlap cases complete I cut out fabric for the rest of the pillow cases.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 11

For some of the fabrics that had a pattern I just cut out following the lines of the pattern.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 12

Here’s the rest of pillow cases all piled up and inside out.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 13

After all the cases were done I put them on the pillows and set them all out in the living room.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 14

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 15

I’ve even brought out my fall decor and flowers as well.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 16

I really love how the pillowcases turned out and how they look on the couches.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 17

Here’s some more close ups of all the burlap pillow cases.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 18

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 19

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 20

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 21

I enjoyed doing something to change up this room a bit and make it a little more fall looking.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 22

Is anyone else changing up some pillow cases for fall?

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