The End of the Deck

I would like to take just a moment to revel in the fact that our deck is done!

Ok. Now that we have that out of the way lets go back and look at the final process of the deck building.

A few weeks back I shared that we had finally been able to finish installing the decking. Just before that when I talked about the material we chose I also mentioned that we had started to stain cedar boards to build our railing with.

Since it’s been cold and wet recently we had to do all of the staining inside our garage.

Railing 1 Railing 2

Before we started the staining we actually cut board for the top and bottom of the railing to length. That way we didn’t end up painting a lot more than we needed to. Then once all the paint had dried Chris took test fit the top and bottom boards out on the deck. After he trimmed the boards as needed he pre drilled the top and bottom 2×4 rails where they would attach to the 4×4 posts. To make the installation a little easier he even started the screw in the pre drilled hole.

Railing 3

Next he measured and marked the center of both boards.

Railing 4

He had already cut the balusters to the height we needed so all he had to do was center the first one over the markings.

Railing 5

Then using the nail gun he nailed it in place.

Railing 6

With the first baluster in place he used a scrap 4×4 post to space out the balusters since it was easy to use.

Railing 7

After he had a section of railing together he carried it out to the deck and set it in between the posts. To make sure the bottom gap wasn’t to large he used more 4×4 scraps to space up the railing.

Railing 8

To keep the railing flush with the back of the 4×4 post he used a spare baluster to space the railing.

Railing 9

Once he was happy with where everything was Chris screwed it in place.

Railing 11

To finish it off the railing we topped each section it with another 2×4 board which was just nailed in place.

Railing 10

Chris continued the same process around the deck until he got to the stair railing. This took a little more trial and error and involved holding the top and bottom boards in place and marking the needed angles needed. Other than figuring out the angles it was the same process as the previous sections.

Railing 12

Once the stair and final railing sections were in place that was pretty much it. We were ready for our final inspection.

Railing 14

To finish our posts off we did top them with solar post caps that we bought at Home Depot. I know it’s not the best photo but here they are all lite up.

Railing 13

We may come back and add some fascia and skirting nest summer but until then it’s finished! We have officially passed our final inspection.

Railing 15

I’m sure I’m very biased but I think it turned out pretty good.

Railing 16

Railing 17

Railing 18

Railing 19

Even though it’s the first deck we’ve ever built it looks pretty professional to us.

Railing 20

Railing 21

Whew. That is by far the biggest project I think we have tackled. Have you done any big projects recently? How did it feel when you were all done?

Want to catch up with the rest of the deck process? Up until now we have explained how we designed the deck. We also talked about how we got our permitprepped the grounddug our footing holes and passed our first inspection. After the holes were dug we poured concrete and put down landscape fabric and gravel. With the base completed we installed our posts and beams. Then we came back and installed the joists, blocking and railing posts and passed our second inspection. While we were waiting out the heavy rains I talked about choosing our decking materials, how it was all delivered and finally installing it

3 thoughts on “The End of the Deck

  1. Looks amazing and very professional! =D So impressive. I’ve never built anything so big; the biggest build for me was a media console and it certainly doesn’t look as well built as your deck!

  2. Great job! My wife and I are building a much smaller version, but your pics and description are very helpful. Looks very professional and really adds to your home.

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