Fall Leaves Burlap Table Runner

At the beginning of October I made some new fall pillowcases for my living room. To go with those I thought it would be fun to have a table runner for the dining room that matched.

I started with a length of burlap that was about 16″ wide. I moved it back and forth on the table until I liked the length on one side. Then I just trimmed the opposite side to match the overhang.

Fall Table Runner 1

I decided to finish the edges similar to binding a quilt. I cut strips of fabric 4.5″ x 16″ long and then sewed 4 together to make a chain that was a little longer than the runner. I then folded the long strip in half and sewed the raw edges along the edge of the burlap runner with a 1/2″ seam allowance.

Fall Table Runner 4

From there I ironed the binding away from the runner.

Fall Table Runner 5

Then I folded it over the back side and pinned it in place. To keep it in place I just sewed close to the seam fold.

Fall Table Runner 6

To embellish the runner I wanted to add some leaves similar to the pillow cases. Since I wanted to use my silhouette machine I cut several 8×11 rectangles of fusible interfacing.

Fall Table Runner 2

Then I fused each piece of interfacing to the back side of one of the fabrics I wanted to use.

Fall Table Runner 3

I laid out all the leaves on the runner and moved them around until I liked where they were placed. Once I liked where everything was I just had to iron them on.

Fall Table Runner 7

Since these were so small and I’m not that crazy I decided to forgo any sort of stitching around the leave shapes.

Fall Table Runner 8

It took me just a few hours to make this and I’m pretty happy with the results.

Fall Table Runner 9

It’s nice to have a little color and pattern on top the table.

Fall Table Runner 10

Fall Table Runner 11

Does anyone else fill the need to decorate a table that you never use?

One thought on “Fall Leaves Burlap Table Runner

  1. Oh, that is so pretty and cleaver. Maybe I can figure out how to send some pictures of how my table looked yesterday when I had 11 people for lunch. My table cloth and decorations could use some help. Grandma K.


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