Fall Decor Roundup 2013

Last year I did a post about all the fall decor that I had decorated with. This year when I was gathering everything up to decide where to put it all  it was very nice to be able to go back and see what I had done last year. Since it was helpful last year I thought why not do it again this year.

Last fall I purchased a few bunches of silk fall flowers so this year I actually didn’t purchase anything new (except for materials pillow cases and table runner of course). Instead I just made a big pile of everything I wanted to use and arranged the flowers around until I liked how everything looked.

Fall Decor 1

So now that you’ve seen the mess lets take a quick tour around the house. . .

The Family Room

Fall Decor 2

Fall Decor 3

Kitchen Window

Fall Decor 4

Dining Room

Fall Decor 5

Fall Table Runner 9

Living Room

Fall Decor 6

Oh look Lily’s helping decorate too. . .

Fall Decor 7

and so is Marshall.

Fall Burlap Pillowcases 22

Fall Decor 8


Fall Decor 9

Fall Decor 10

Have you added any fall decor to your home?


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