Summertime Bucket List Recap

In the beginning of summer I made a very ambitious list of things that I wanted to do while the weather was still warm. Since the weather is cooling has cooled and it’s fall I thought I would go back and looks at what I was able to accomplish and what I still am looking to finish.

1. Paint Mini Couch Frame: Unfinished

Summer Bucket List 2

2. Build Laundry Shelves: Completed! Check out all the info here.

Laundry Room Roundup 6

3. Paint Guest Bathroom: Completed! More info on how it turned out here.

Painting Guest Bathroom 16

4. Paint the Baby Dresser: Unfinished.

Summer Bucket List 4

5. Build Malm Table for Master: Completed! More information on this here.

Malm Console Table 5

6. Paint China Cabinet: Unfinished.

Summer Bucket List 1

7. Recover Master Bedroom Mini Couch: Unfinished.

Summer Bucket List 2

8. Paint Dining Table: Unfinished.

Summer Bucket List 5

9. Paint Dining Chairs: Unfinished.

10. Paint the Front Door: Completed! See all the details here.

Fall Leaves Yarn Wreath 13

Well I finished 4 out of 10. Not too bad but of course I would have liked to do a little more. If you follow the blog you probably already know that the deck project has taken over a lot of our time and I haven’t been able to get everything done that I would have liked.

Many of the things that are left on my list involve painting. Since it’s gotten pretty cold already I don’t know that I’ll be able to get any of these done any time soon.

Did you have some summer projects that you wanted to finish? Were you able to get everything done that you wanted to?

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