Winter To Do List

Winter 2013 To Do List

I know it’s not really winter yet but it’s not too early to plan ahead. I just talked about what I was able to finish on my summer bucket list and I thought I would make another list for this winter. This time I’m trying to be just a little more realistic.

1. Guest Bedroom Textiles:

I’ve been wanting to add just a little something more to the foot of this plain white duvet cover. A while back I purchased some more fabric I just haven’t quite decided what I want to do.

Guest Room Painting 15

2. Finish Guest Bathroom:

This is probably the easiest on the list. I’m almost done with phase one for now really. All I need to do is clean it up and put things away again.

Painting Guest Bathroom 16

3. Paint Master Bed Canvas:

I’ve been wanting to fill the space above our headboard for a while now as well as just add a little something more to our room. I have a set of canvas’ I just can’t quite decide what I want to do with them.

Master Bedroom

4. Upholster Bar Stools:

Another slightly embarrassing project that I’ve had the fabric for a while. I purchased fabric at the same time I bought fabric for the kitchen window pleated valance (to make sure they matched) and I just haven’t gotten around to doing this.

Kitchen Bar Stools

5. Paint Baby Dresser:

This is probably one of the longest shots. I’m still not highly motivated since I know it will be time consuming. Especially now that it’s cold outside.

Summer Bucket List 4

Do you have a list of things that you would like to get done this winter?


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