Reversible Mixer Rug

One of my very first posts on this blog was about a rug that I made to go under my mixer. Back then I talked about how I like to keep my Kitchenaid mixer tucked back in a corner but I have a hard time pulling it out when I want to use it. The mixer rug turned out to be a really nice solution and I thought it was pretty cute.

Fast forward to now and I’ve learned a little bit from how I made the first one the rug doesn’t really match the kitchen now that we’ve painted. Here’s a reminder of what my first version looked like.


Since I had quite a bit of fabric left over from making my fall pillowcases and table runner I thought this would be a great time to update the mixer rug and even make it a little season appropriate.

One of the things I realized from my first attempt was that I made it a little large. The rug ended up bunching up a when I pushed the mixer back into the corner. So this time around I made it a little smaller.

I cut one 3.5″x12″ strip out of each of the five fall fabrics I had on hand. For the back I used a 12″x 21.5″ piece of fabric. Since I thought it would be nice if it was reversible I found a fabric that I thought would work for winter.

Reversible Mixer Rug 1

I used my serger to piece the fall fabrics together as well as finish one edge of the top. For the back I serged one edge to finish it as well as connect it to a piece of fleece interfacing that I used as the batting.

Reversible Mixer Rug 2

From there I serged around all the edges and left a small opening to turn the rug just like a pillow case. After I turned it right side out I ironed it and closed up the hole with a needle and thread.

Reversible Mixer Rug 3

To finish the rug I top stitched around the edge as well as along each of the seams.

Reversible Mixer Rug 4

The original mixer rug tended to bunch and stretch when I moved the mixer in and out. I’m hoping that the extra quilting will give it a little more structure and stability.

Reversible Mixer Rug 5

I’m really happy with how the updated mixer rug turned out.

Reversible Mixer Rug 6

I think the size looks much better under the mixer.

Reversible Mixer Rug 7

It also matches the kitchen a little better and it’s a fun pop of fall colors.

Reversible Mixer Rug 8

Of course once I want to decorate for Christmas I can just flip it over.

Reversible Mixer Rug 9

Reversible Mixer Rug 10

Do you have a mixer that you use a lot? Would you consider ever making a little rug to go under it or am I the only person with this problem trying to pull my mixer across my counters?

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