Reversible Placemats

Between the general holiday busyness and what feels like super short days here I have to admit that I haven’t been especially motivated to update the blog in the past month. Since it’s now less than a week until Christmas I thought I better try and finish some of the posts that relate to this time of year before they are completely out of date. In the meantime I’m just gonna keep up my fall wreaths until spring comes around just like last year. (If you do something two years in a row it’s pretty much a a tradition right?)

Ok now on to the vaguely holiday related post!

About the same time I made my new kitchen mixer rug I also made a set of new reversible place mats. (Yes that was over a month ago.)

Reversible Placemats 1

I used some place mats I already had on hand as well as a setting of china to figure out how big I wanted to make my place mats.

Reversible Placemats 2

Just like with the mixer rug I finished one edge as well as attached a fleece interfacing to one of the fabrics.

Reversible Placemats 3

After I sewed the two sides together I had the exciting task of hand stitching the opening closed on twelve place mats. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate hand sewing?

Once the hand sewing was done I did come back and do a little top stitching to keep the edges from rolling too much.

Reversible Placemats 4

After they were all done and set out on the table with my new table runner I was pretty happy with the way they turned out.

Reversible Placemats 5

For the first year ever we actually had Thanksgiving here at our house.

Reversible Placemats 6

It was great to finally have a good excuse to bring out the fine china.

Reversible Placemats 7

Now I just need to find an excuse to flip those place mats over and use them for a Christmas event.

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