Christmas Decor Roundup 2013

As is the theme of this year I just wasn’t too motivated to bring out much of my Christmas decor. For me what I put out this year isn’t really very much. I probably only have about a third of what I had out last year. So, if you want to see some better Christmas spirit go check out last years decor.

So now that I’d said my disclaimer here it goes. You’ve probably already seen the new addition for this year which was the nativity canvas set.

Christmas Decor 2013 1

Continuing around the family room I just set out a couple of the snow globes that I had on the console table.

Christmas Decor 2013 2

Last year before we put our artificial tree away we actually pulled off all the lights which was painful and time consuming. This year I just threw up some colored lights since it was different but I didn’t really like how they turned out. I think next year I will go back to the white lights.

Christmas Decor 2013 3

I put up the nativity that Chris bought me last year. Of course I was too lazy to find an extension cord so I can’t actually turn on the lights that are around the garland.

Christmas Decor 2013 4

Moving in the entryway the Bethlehem nativity went up again.

Christmas Decor 2013 5

Of course I had to put out the snow baby Eeyore that I got from my brother many years back.

Christmas Decor 2013 6

In the living room I cleared off a spot on the picture ledges and put up one of my Christmas villages that I got from my mom. Of course I did clear off another little spot on another shelf and apparently never found anything to fill that back in with.

Christmas Decor 2013 7

Since it was easy I did put up a couple things on top of the china cabinets in the living room.

Christmas Decor 2013 8

Christmas Decor 2013 9

The last things that I put out were just on the telephone table in the entry.

Christmas Decor 2013 10.

It was really hard to be motivated with Thanksgiving being so late this year and having family here all weekend. Just like last year it took me all week to put up just this and then it was only a couple weeks until Christmas. It just didn’t feel worth the effort.

On the other had Chris surprised me and wanted to put lights up on the house again this year. After last year we threw away the lights we had since they were mostly burned out. We did a little searching around and found about four sets of large white LED lights to put up. We met up with some friends of ours a couple of weekends ago and Zach was nice enough to climb around on the roof with Chris to put up all the lights.

Christmas Decor 2013 11

Since we also have the new deck this year Chris couldn’t resist putting up some of the extra lights we had on the back deck as well.

Christmas Decor 2013 12

I know the next picture is dark but I couldn’t resist sharing just one more photo of our first snow of the season that we had a few days ago.

Christmas Decor 2013 13

Have you gone all out with Christmas decor this year or do you prefer to keep things simple and modest?


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