Guest Bathroom Round Up

After I finished up the canvas art I really didn’t have much left to do on the guest bathroom. All it needed was some cleaning up and  putting things away. Of course this took me a ridiculous amount of time to finish. Finally the weekend before Thanksgiving I finished up just in time for our guests to arrive.

So here’s how it all turned out:

The first part of the process was painting the room.

Guest Bathroom Round Up 1

I finally upgraded from the old towels I’ve had since college and bought a few new ones that matched the grey and teal color scheme.

Guest Bathroom Round Up 2

I love the way the shower curtain turned out and the cute birdy art is great as well.

Guest Bathroom Round Up 3

I also picked up a few full size towels to match the hand towels.

Guest Bathroom Round Up 4

Since I thought it would be nice to have a few more places to hang towels, especially when we have guests, we hung a few hooks on the wall behind the door in the sink area.

Guest Bathroom Round Up 5

Other than that there isn’t much to it. I did clean out some used candle holders to use for cotton products and even found some cute wire baskets for extra hand towels and wash cloths.

Guest Bathroom Round Up 6

It doesn’t yet feel completely finished but it is back to being clean and usable after it’s been quite messy since I started painting months ago.

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