Bar Stools Remixed

Sometime before Thanksgiving (yes I realize that was a long time ago now) I got it in my head that I wanted to recover the seats on our kitchen bar stools. There was really nothing wrong with the seats just that they were bland and I was ready for a change. Back when I bought the fabrics for the kitchen window valance I actually bought fabric with the intention of recovering the bar stools.

Bar Stools Recovering 1

Recovering the seats was a lot easier than I expected. The seat was attached with 4 screws which I removed using a normal screw driver.

Bar Stools Recovering 2

I set out my piece of fabric right side down on the floor. Then I centered the seat on top of the wrong side of the fabric. I think for this set I cut half a yard in half at the fold which is basically a fat quarter if you’ve used one before.

Bar Stools Recovering 3

All I did from there was worked in a circle pulling, tucking and stapling the fabric around the curve as I went. I tired as much as I could to make tucks that wouldn’t show on the top.

Bar Stools Recovering 4

Here’s what the seat looked like when I was done.

Bar Stools Recovering 5

Then I just trimmed the extra fabric in the center and screwed the seat back on the stool.

Bar Stools Recovering 6

It took me less that a half hour, a yard of fabric and some staples to jazz up these seats.

Bar Stools Recovering 7

Anyone have some projects that you’ve been putting off that where must faster than expected?

One thought on “Bar Stools Remixed

  1. Obviously you know that when I get an idea, I quickly run out to the store to gather all the necessary supplies, then I run home and complete the project just as quickly as I thought of it. That’s why my house looks so good all the time. =) Miss you. Also, update your blog header. Your blue door is just so much more fun than white. I don’t wanna have to tell you again.

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