Woodland Animals Nursery Mood Board

I have been collecting fabrics and furniture for the nursery and I finally think I’ve got a more complete picture of what I’d like to do. I gathered some snapshots of what I’ve got so far so here it is.

Nursery Mood Board 1

Most of these things I already have or is something I’m working on fixing up. The room is already painted and I picked up all the fabrics shown a little while ago. I wasn’t planning on going with a real “theme” in the nursery but once I found the fabrics it sort of happened.

(1) The walls are already painted Zinc and the ceiling is Sunken Pool. More info on that here. I’m thinking about adding some of the lighter flagstone grey in when we repaint some dressers.

(2) I have already purchased this Sundvik crib from Ikea.

(3) Also from ikea I picked up the black brown Poang chair frame. I didn’t buy a cushion since I wanted to make my own. The grey chevron next to the chair is the cushion fabric and the green is for an ottoman/pouf.

(4) I’m planning on using the Raskog cart from Ikea as an end table and it’s already in the room as well.

(5) These are actually shapes from the Silhouette Online Store. I’m thinking about using them in some kind of art or decor.

(6) We already have an extra Hemnes dresser in black-brown that isn’t really being used. I’m planning to repaint it to white and grey. We also has a baby dresser that my grandfather built back when my uncle was born that needs a similar makeover.

(7) This is the Ekarp lamp base and the Umfors shade from Ikea. I’ve already purchased two table lamp bases with the 9″ shade and one floor lamp base with the 13″ shade.

(8) I’m re-purposing this Expedit (now called Kallax) shelving unit that I had in the sewing room for more storage in the nursery.

(9) These are snapshots off the cotton fabrics I’ve picked up to use in a bunch of sewing projects like pillow cases, crib skirt and curtains. The colors aren’t perfectly true to life but they’re close.

Well that’s pretty much where I’m going. So now onto the projects!

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