DIY Poang Chair Cushions

Here’s the warning: This is a wordy and picture heavy post. I attempted to create a full tutorial with this but to be honest this was a very time consuming (30-35 hours of work) and trial and error type of process. I also attempted to keep this post as short as possible so if something’s confusing please ask and I will try to explain. If you are interested in making your own the very bottom of the post is where all the dimensions I used are. Please use those at your own risk and double check everything before you jump in. If you’re just here for the pictures feel free to scroll quickly towards the bottom. Other than that enjoy πŸ™‚

A while back I found How Joyful’s nursery Ikea Poang chair recover and fell in love. Although there aren’t detailed instructions I used this as my inspiration. Between the photos in the post and some help from my very smart mom I was able to come up with something pretty similar to this.

Photo From: How Joyful Blog

Photo From: How Joyful Blog

I loved that the cover was custom and looked so much more comfortable than the ones that you can purchase from Ikea. When I started looking for chairs for our nursery I had such a hard time finding one that didn’t seem huge, expensive or like it only belonged in a nursery. Since our nursery is pretty small I really wanted a simple chair with a small footprint. I finally decided to go for it and I bought just the Ikea Poang frame in brown black.


After a lot of hours of work and probably just as many hours trying to figure out dimensions andΒ  how to sew it all I’m finally down with my very own cushions.

Although it may look like it I actually didn’t use the same fabric as the other chair above. I purchased mine from the home decor bolts at Joann’s. I didn’t intentionally choose a chevron print (even though I obviously like them). I chose what was as much of a grey-brown as possible so that it wouldn’t clash with the wall paint. This was pretty much my only/best option and I’m pretty happy with it.

Nursery Poang Chair Cushion 31

Now on to the how I did it.


3″ Foam (~1.5 yards)
Batting (~2.25 yards)
1″ Foam (just for head rest ~8″)
White Fabric or Muslin (3.5 yards)
Home Decor Fabric (4.5 yards of 45″ wide)*
4 – 22″ Zippers
4 Snaps
Corresponding thread

I purchased pretty much everything from Joann’s if you’re curious.

I started out by cutting the 3″ thick foam to size for the seat. I put that in place and then started measuring what I wanted for the rest of the cushion pieces.

Nursery Poang Chair Cushion 1

Unfortunately I didn’t have any better tools so I used a serrated kitchen knife to cut the foam to size. It made the cuts pretty rough but it’s not noticeable in the finished cushions.

Nursery Poang Chair Cushion 2

I worked piece by piece from the bottom up measuring and re-measuring what I wanted the next cushion to be before cutting it. Even with all the measuring I still managed to make the back cushion higher than I was intending. It extends well above the back of the seat. This actually worked out ok since my husband is tall and wanted the back taller anyway so I just went with it.

Nursery Poang Chair Cushion 3

After testing out the chair with the foam I thought the top piece (or headrest) was lacking. I ended up buying another piece of 1″ foam to lay on top of the 3″ foam. So the final total thickness of the head rest is 4″. It made a huge difference in the comfort of the chair I definitely suggest it.

Once all the foam was cut I started cutting out and assembling a lining for the cushions. I wanted each cushion to be covered in batting to smooth them out as well as encased in a lining so the final fabric can easily be removed and laundered when needed. I cut out a white muslin as the outer fabric and two layers of batting the same size as each piece. To keep the batting from moving around I sewed it onto each piece of the muslin lining before assembling them into the covers.

Nursery Poang Chair Cushion 4

I started by sewing four rectangles end to end to create the gusset. Then I put it around the foam to double check the sizing.

Nursery Poang Chair Cushion 5

Once I was happy, I sewed on one square for the bottom and then sewed on another square halfway for the top. I tried sewing more than this to begin with but the foam was impossible to stuff into the cover if it was more than halfway sewn shut with the machine.

Nursery Poang Chair Cushion 6

Then I just pinned the opening closed and hand sewed the open edges with a whip stitch. It’s not the most decorative stitch but since it’s not visible in the end I just did what was sturdy and simple.

Nursery Poang Chair Cushion 7

Once all the lining covers were complete I put all the cushions back into the frame to see how they all looked together.

Nursery Poang Chair Cushion 8

The don’t fit against the frame extremely well but I was hoping that once the final cover connected them all together that they would fit much better.

Nursery Poang Chair Cushion 9

With the lining covers completed I moved onto the final covers. I cut the fabric the same sizes that I did with the lining and they worked out well.

Nursery Poang Chair Cushion 10

I knew that serging the pieces together would be really difficult so I just serged around all the raw edges to keep them from fraying.

Nursery Poang Chair Cushion 11

For the bottom cushion I made two flaps to hold the seat cushion back against the frame.

Nursery Poang Chair Cushion 12

For all the cushions I sewed a centered zipper into the piece that is the back or bottom of the cushion so that the covers could be easily removable and washable.

Nursery Poang Chair Cushion 13

Then just like with the lining I sewed the edges or gussets into a circle and then sewed on the top and bottom squares of the cushion. For the bottom cushion I sewed the flaps into the seams on either side of the zippered edge while sewing the gussets together.

Nursery Poang Chair Cushion 18 Nursery Poang Chair Cushion 19

For the back cushions I sewed small flaps into the seams so that I could connect the back cushions to each other and then to flap that would go over the back of the chair frame.

Nursery Poang Chair Cushion 14

Here is the back of the middle cushion with all the flaps sewn on.

Nursery Poang Chair Cushion 15

The bottom back cushion only had a flap on the top back seam.

Nursery Poang Chair Cushion 20

Here’s all of the cushions stacked up with the flaps all sewn on.

Nursery Poang Chair Cushion 21

You may notice that there is a second set of flaps on the bottom of the chair. I originally thought I needed to strap the bottom of the back cushion down but once it was all together I removed these flaps since they seemed unnecessary.

Nursery Poang Chair Cushion 22

With all the cushions stacked up I remeasured them to determine how long and wide I needed the flap that would go across the back of the chair and hold all the cushions together and on the chair.

Nursery Poang Chair Cushion 23

Once I liked how everything was set up I removed the foam from the covers and sewed the flaps between the cushions together. The seam between the bottom and middle is sewn so the raw edges are in between the cushions since it wasn’t totally hidden by the back flap. The seam between the top and middle cushion are facing out since they are covered by the back flap.

Nursery Poang Chair Cushion 16

I used the rest of the flaps to sew on the main back flap. Since the chair frame has some thickness my back flap ended up being larger than the cushion flaps. I ended up making a pleat in the center of the top and a small tuck on each of the sides just above the hem of the back flap. I think the extra tucks/pleats helped to give the little bit of extra fabric needed to make the back flap fit perfectly around the frame. I also tried my hardest to sew as close to the cushion so that none of the small flap would be visible in the final cushions.

Nursery Poang Chair Cushion 17

You can see the top pleat in this photo.

Nursery Poang Chair Cushion 24

It’s actually pretty difficult to see any of the extra fabric from the flaps once it was all together.

Nursery Poang Chair Cushion 26

Here’s the bottom flaps after I sewed on some snaps to hold them on.

Nursery Poang Chair Cushion 25

And just because I’m proud of how it turned out here’s a few more pictures.

Nursery Poang Chair Cushion 30

Nursery Poang Chair Cushion 28

Nursery Poang Chair Cushion 31

Nursery Poang Chair Cushion 32

In case you are wondering; yes it is really comfortable. I think I have sighed every time I sat down.

Nursery Poang Chair Cushion 33

If you’ve made it this far congratulations that was seriously a ton of photos and words. I thought I would also throw in all the dimensions that I ended up using. I would trust these at your own risk. It’s probably best to work with measuring and remeasuring like I did testing each piece out along the way.


Seat: 21.5″ wide x 21″ deep
Lower Back: 13″ high x 21.5″ wide
Middle Back: 7.75″ high x 21.5″ wide
Top Back: 7″ high x 21.5″ wide (1 from 3″ foam and 1 from 1″ foam)

Lining Fabrics:
Seam allowance used is .5″, I added 1.5″ on each side for seam allowances and extra.

2@ 22.5 x 23
2@ 22.5 x 4.5
2@ 23 x 4.5

Lower Back:
2@23 x 4.5
2@ 14.5 x 4.5
2@ 14.5 x 23

Middle Back:
2@ 23 x 4.5
2@ 23 x 9.25
2@ 9.25 x 4.5

Top Back (Foam is extra 1″ thick):
2@ 23 x 8.5
2@ 23 x 5.5
2@ 8.5 x 5.5

Final Covers:
Seam allowance used is .5″, I added 1.5″ on each side for seam allowances and extra.

2@ 22.5 x 23
2@ 22.5 x 4.5
1@ 23 x 4.5
2@ 2.75 x 23

Seat Strap:
4@ 2.5 x 7.5

Lower Back:
1@23 x 4.5
2@ 14.5 x 4.5
2@ 14.5 x 23
2@ 2.75 x 23

Lower Back Flaps:
1@ 1.25 x 22.5

Middle Back:
1@ 23 x 4.5
2@ 23 x 9.25
2@ 9.25 x 4.5
2@ 2.75 x 23

Middle Back Flaps:
2@ 1.25 x 22.5
2@ 8.75 x 1.25

Top Back (Foam is extra 1″ thick):
2@ 23 x 8.5
1@ 23 x 5.5
2@ 8.5 x 5.5
2@ 3.25 x 23

Top Back Flaps:
2@ 1.25 x 22.5
2@ 8 x 1.25

Full Back Flap:
1@ 18.75 x 24.5 (with 1″ hem and .75″ seam allowance which is how much the flaps hung out)

*Since my fabric had a directional pattern and was only 45″ wide I used pretty much all of the fabric and didn’t have anything left. I even had to cut the backs of the two top cushions going the wrong direction to save on some fabric. You may want to buy some extra if you’re attempting this and have a directional pattern as well.

13 thoughts on “DIY Poang Chair Cushions

  1. Don’t be mad, I didn’t read every word. We both know I’m never going to attempt to sew something this complicated.

  2. Kaity, You are amazing! What a lot of work and it looks perfect. I’d like to come sit in it right now, but I’ll wait till the baby comes. Hope you’re feeling well and everything is going on schedule. Love to both of you. Grandma

  3. This looks so amazing and just as good as Joyful’s although I love your extra padded head cushion! thanks so very much for taking the time to post the details, hope some of the others commenting on Joyful make their way here.

  4. I’m always a little late to the party… I just saw How Joyful’s chair on Pinterest and saw your link in the comments. I just had to tell you what an amazing job you did with this! My son leaves for college next fall and I’ll be attempting this with the one in his room. Thanks for the instructions!

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