Update on the Outdoors (Summer 2014)

I’ve got a few projects going on for the nursery but I haven’t quite got them finished and ready to share. So, while I’m still working away I thought I would finally get around to sharing some of the updates that Chris has been doing around our yard.

Just like last year he got some more bark and laid a thicker layer and filled in some of the spots that hadn’t yet gotten bark.

Outdoor Updates 1

Oh look there he is all proud of his work.

Outdoor Updates 2

We had some issue with some of the plants we got last year and they needed to be replaced. A few ended up in the front of the house under the window.

Outdoor Updates 3

Chris also picked out a few more trees and shrubs and made a little bed in the corner of the yard. It looks like a few of them didn’t quite make the move well so we may have to replace them next year.

Outdoor Updates 4

Update: It’s probably not suprising that I’m the one that updates the blog and Chris usually stays out of it. Finishing the skirting on the deck was a project that he did by himself and I wasn’t around to photograph. As such he only took a couple of photos on his phone and it took him months to give them to me. 

For posterity’s sake here’s a few shots of the deck skirting in action. 

He used pressure treated 2×6’s to build a frame off of the posts to secure the cedar fence boards he used as the skirting. 

deck skirt 1

It’s hard to see here but Chris actually built an access door under the tallest part of the deck. 

deck skirt 2

Here it is finished and ready for paint. 

deck skirt 3

He also planted some trees next to the deck that he just finished up the skirting on.



Outdoor Updates Deck 5

Here’s a better shot of the deck. Chris did all the work to install and paint the skirting around the bottom to finally finish out the deck. It’s amazing how finished it makes the deck look.  He also laid some stones at the bottom of the stairs since it gets really muddy and trampled there during the winter.

Outdoor Updates Deck 6

While Chris was doing his yard work this year he also put in a horseshoe pit.

Outdoor Updates Horseshoe Pit 7

He’s been wanting one for a while so it was nice that he got the chance to put one in up on the back hill.

Outdoor Updates Horseshoe Pit 8

Other than general maintenance I think he’s pretty much done for this year. Has anyone else been working out in their yard? Do you have a lot of projects left you want to finish this summer?


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