Easy Crib Skirt and Curtains for Nursery

After all the challenging sewing work with the chair I needed something a little quicker and simpler to work on next. I decided to take on the crib skirt and the curtains for the nursery since they are pretty much just simple straight seams.

Since my crib has solid sides I really only wanted and needed a skirt on the front to cover the side of the mattress base. I thought about doing something more fancy but in the end decided to just go with something really simple.

I was only going to use just the teal polka dot fabric I had but I didn’t have quite enough fabric. So I ended up adding a little strip of the green polka dots in the middle.

Crib Skirt 1

I guessed on how I wanted to split up the three panels but it ended up working out perfectly so that the seams are all behind the slats of the crib. It’s actually a little hard to tell the difference between the two colors in the photos and in person it’s pretty subtle as well.

Crib Skirt 2

I know that it’s not a super exciting crib skirt but it’s enough to cover up the wooden side of the base that was just hanging out.

Crib Skirt 3

Crib Skirt 4

Since the frame of the my crib base is wooden I decided to hammer in some small tacks to keep the fabric in place. It should be pretty easy to remove when we are ready to drop the mattress down lower since I don’t think we will needย  the crib skirt then.

Crib Skirt 5

Now on to the curtains.

Nursery Curtains 1

I used the woodland animal fabric (that I talked about in the mood board) and a matching green chevron. For the green chevron I cut a 45″ width of fabric in half one for each curtain. Then I just folded it in half and sewed it along the side of the woodland fabric. I also lined the back of the animal print with a white muslin to finish it and give it more weight and thickness.

Nursery Curtains 2

Here’s a look at the curtains with the roman shade down. (If you want to know more about the roman shade I made check out this post.)

Nursery Curtains 3

And another shot of the curtains.

Nursery Curtains 4

If your curious the rod came from Ikea and it’s the same one that I put up when this room was the sewing room.

Nursery Curtains 5

I love the pattern and I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. Hopefully the baby will like them too.

One thought on “Easy Crib Skirt and Curtains for Nursery

  1. I love how everything is coming together. Good job. You will be glad to have things taken care of before he gets here. We still have no crib skirt, lol.

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