DIY Crib Sheet

Although I didn’t put it on my to do list I figured if I had enough fabric left over from other projects I would try to make a couple crib sheets.

I found a pretty generic tutorial on the blog View from the Fridge. It’s pretty simple; just cut a piece of fabric to 45″x69″ and then cut out 9″ squares from each corner. Sew up the corners and then make a casing around the edges for the elastic to slip into.

Nursery Crib Sheet 1

They were surprisingly quick to make but I will say that the sheets ended up being really tight. I did the full 9″ corners but only did a 1/2″ casing since I serged the edges before I made the casing. The finished sheets takes a lot of maneuvering to get on the mattress.

Nursery Crib Sheet 2 Nursery Crib Sheet 3 Nursery Crib Sheet 4

The teal blue chevron is the first one I made and I used the suggested 62″ of elastic and it was really really tight and hard to get on. The next time around I did use up to 24″ more of elastic and it helped a little but I’m not sure that it helped a lot.

Nursery Crib Sheet 5 Nursery Crib Sheet 6 Nursery Crib Sheet 7

I don’t know if I just needed to make smaller corner cutouts or what but the sheets are not very easy to put on and I’m a little afraid they won’t last very long since there it so much stress on the corners. They did turn out pretty cute though and I like that they match the room. Worst case I’ll just end up buying a sheet or two if I need to later.

Has anyone else made a crib sheet and had good luck with it?

3 thoughts on “DIY Crib Sheet

  1. They are supposed to be freakishly tight thanks to the fear of SIDS that will consumes most people during the first few months of parenthood.

    I attempted one set of crib sheets with some minky fabric that my mom bought on clearance. They turned out pretty good considering that I hadn’t touched a sewing machine in 10 years.

    Parenting tips: ALWAYS put a waterproof cover under the crib sheet. Babies leak so much out of both ends for the first few years of their life.

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